From the most embarrassing things that dads can do on holiday to an elderly couple who travelled around the UK without spending a single penny, this week the world of travel has been full of fun and unusual happenings.

Here are some of our favourite stories from the last seven days…

OA-Free for OAPs

Have you ever wanted to travel the length of the country? Well one elderly couple did just that – without spending a single penny on transport. Using their bus passes for free transport, the pair travelled around 500 miles in just over a week, using 28 different buses and 15 different bus companies. They had hoped to go all the way to John O’Groats but realised their free pass didn’t cover Scotland!

Old lady on bus by Michael Wanderer via Flickr

Not a Pretty Site

We’d all like to live in as picturesque an area as possible, so spare a thought for the residents of Hemel Hempstead, as the town has just been voted the ugliest place in the UK. In a survey by ‘Crap Towns Returns’, the Hertfordshire town came out on top in the ugly stakes ahead of Luton and Slough. Ouch!

Hemel Hempstead by Satguru via Flickr


It may be no surprise that British children under the age of 16 have declared that their dad is twice as embarrassing as their mum on holiday. What’s new there? But what’s the holiday habit that makes them cringe more than anything? The dreaded dad dancing of course! Other behaviour that gets the kids recoiling in horror includes Dad’s failure to act cool, the fact he doesn’t act his age and public displays of affection.

Dad doing Karaoke by Nick Farnhill via Flickr

Wish You Were (T)here!

How happy are you with the number of places you’ve travelled to? A recent survey has found that over three-quarters of people aged 35+ regret not travelling more when they were younger. The most lusted-after destinations include South East Asia, Latin America and Australasia. More than half of those who have travelled say it has made them more aware of the wider world – so what are you waiting for? Book a guilt-free getaway today.

Koh Yao Noi in Thailand by Rev Stan via Flickr

Less Than Fifty Shades of Grey

Beach holidays are all about relaxing with a good book and soaking up the sun – in fact 73 per cent of us take a book away with us. But what type of novel do us Brits love to read most on our travels? A recent YouGov survey for publisher Mills and Boon found that over half of us would choose a book that involves games, suspense, mystery and lies. 38 per cent of women opt for a ‘laugh out loud rom com’, while an action thriller is what 32 per cent of men would choose. There’s bad news for ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ author E.L. James though – just eight per cent of women would read an erotic thriller.

Reading on beach by Aaformaa via Flickr

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Images: Brian Pennington, Michael Kliokta, David Howard, Nick Farnhill, Anne Adrian, Rev Stan via Flickr