From the friendliest city in the world to a hotel that’s big on social media, there’s been plenty going on in the world of travel this week.

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Welcome to the Twitter Hotel

Are you one of those people who can’t go anywhere without checking Twitter every five minutes? Then you might want to consider staying in Magaluf’s Sol Wave House Hotel (@SolWaveHouse). Guests staying here are able to use the micro-blogging site to order room service, see who has been checking in and to meet new people. There’s also a #TwitterParty every Friday around the hotel’s swimming pool. #JustSaying.

Tweeting by MDGovpics via Flickr

Thrifty Tuesday

Want to save a few quid on your holiday transport? Then travel on a Tuesday! With many people waiting until the end of the working week to jet off on their travels, there’s a lot of competition for flights which makes them more expensive. In a study that looked at 40 of the most popular flight routes from the UK, 58 per cent were at their cheapest when travelling on a Tuesday. There’s also more chance of avoiding those long airport queues.


Office Holiday Wars

Have you booked time off work for your holiday this year? Well you might want to keep it quiet when you do! That’s because five per cent of office workers have admitted to booking time off work just to spite their colleagues who want the same days off. Seven per cent of people asked also admitted to lying about their holiday plans to try and double-bluff colleagues. Now where’s that holiday planner?

Gone on Vacation by Jill Clardy via Flickr

 Around the World in 4 Minutes

British traveller Graham Hughes decided he wanted to visit all 201 countries in the world – but without stepping foot on a plane! He was recognised by the Guinness World Records after finishing his trip last year in South Sudan – a country that didn’t even exist when he started his travels in 2009. Take a look at the video he made of his travels which went viral last week:

World’s Friendliest City

If you dream about stepping off the plane to be greeted by a broad smile and a massive hug from all the locals (perhaps) then head to Brazil. That’s because Florianopolis, on the south coast of the country, was voted the friendliest city in the world, and is aptly known as the ‘Island of Magic’. The highest ranked UK city on the list is Edinburgh, which sits in 18th position – so not quite as friendly as those Brazilians!

Florianopolis, Brazil by Alzirasterque8 via Flickr


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 What’s the friendliest city you’ve ever been to?

Images: Simone RamellaMDGovpicsMike KnellJill ClardyAlzirasterque8 via Flickr