From one of the world’s most amazing displays of honesty to perhaps the most terrifying flight ever, we’ve picked out some of the best travel-related stories from the past seven days.

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Celtic Charm

A recent survey has found that Scots are actually the most hospitable people in the UK. Inverness topped the list of most welcoming cities, with Glasgow not far behind. The survey looked at several standards of accommodation such as cleanliness, value for money and the initial descriptions from their websites. Other cities in the top five include Birmingham, Bristol and Southampton. However, London was nowhere to be seen.

Welcome to Scotland


Run, Aussie, Run!

A real-life Forest Gump became the fastest man to travel around the world on foot, taking 20-and-a-half months to do so. The Australian set off from the Sydney Opera House on New Year’s Eve in 2011, running the equivalent of a whole marathon a day for 622 days. The man went through 17 pairs of running shoes as he helped to raise around £30,000 for charity, which included running past the Grand Canyon, through Colorado’s Monument Valley and over the Andes. We’re tired just thinking about it.

Man running


Pitt on the Side

Most women can only dream of seeing Brad Pitt on their wedding day, but for one lucky lady, that dream came true when he turned up at her wedding in Buckinghamshire. Brad, who’d been filming a new movie nearby, happened to be staying at the same hotel and was more than happy to pose for photos with the bride and groom on their big day before making a quick getaway.

Brad Pitt at Wedding


Good Deed Feed

If you found a large sum of money in the street, would you hand it in straight away? Well that’s exactly what a homeless man in Boston, USA did after finding a total of $42k in a rucksack. The bag of cash was promptly returned to its forgetful owner after being identified by his passport, which he’d also left along with his dosh. While it’s definitely helped to restore our faith in humanity, we just hope the sympathetic stranger got some kind of reward for his good deed.

US Dollars by mynameisharsha via Flickr


One HEL of a Journey

If you’re a sucker for superstitions, you might want to look away now! Hundreds of passengers boarded a plane last week, which has been dubbed the unluckiest flight ever. Not only did the plane depart on Friday 13th, but the flight number was 666. What’s more, the plane was actually travelling to HEL – the airport code for Helsinki. It seems passengers weren’t put off by these eerie elements though as the flight was full, and as far as we know, it arrived safely without any hiccups. Phew.

Plane flying by Steve P2008 via Flickr


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Image credits: Tim GreenAmanda SlaterPaolofefemynameisharsha, Steve P2008 via Flickr and @kmfmofficial via Twitter