From a very well-travelled dress to China’s latest guide to charming the locals on holiday, this week has seen some quirky new developments across the travel spectrum.

Here’s our weekly rundown of all the juicy gossip from around the world.

’Til Dress Do Us Part

Who says you can’t wear your wedding dress more than once? Here’s an American bride who’s donned hers for the past five years. After splashing out on a Maggie Sottero gown, the newly wed (whose husband is a professional photographer) took her dress on her travels. So far she’s worn it in 19 different countries – and has the pictures to prove it. Now that’s some serious commitment.

hiking with a wedding dress via flickr by random letters

Demand for Decline in Reclining Seats

Have you ever been forced to eat your inflight meal on your lap because the passenger in front of you refused to put their chair up? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone – as 90% of people surveyed said that reclining seats should be banned from short-haul flights altogether. Women aged 18 to 24 were said to be the most considerate when it came to chair etiquette, while the worst offenders were middle-aged men. And who said chivalry was dead?

inside plane by sandip bhattacharya

Eastern Etiquette

In light of China’s series of etiquette issues, the Chinese government have issued the ‘Guidebook for Civilised Tourism’. It’s filled with quirky destination specific tips on avoiding confrontation with the locals, such as not asking Brits if they’ve eaten, refraining from buying stones as souvenirs in Scotland and only clicking fingers to get the attention of pets instead of people when in Germany. As you do!

chinese child via flickr by danaspencer

Foodie Flyers

Attention food-lovers: the results from Moodie Report’s Airport Food & Beverage Awards are in. While France might be known for its world-class cafés and patisseries, Paris’ airport Charles de Gaulle failed to make this year’s list. The best coffee shop was said to be at Copenhagen Airport, while London managed to top the list twice for best airport pub (The Red Lion at Gatwick’s North Terminal), and Giraffe at Heathrow’s Terminal Five was also recognised for the best ‘casual dining restaurant’.

copenhagen airport via flickr by RSNY


Holiday Deals

What’ll it be this year: Christmas treats or a winter beach? Whatever you fancy for your next trip, here are some bargains to get busy booking:

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Image credits: Random LettersdanaspencerAlan LevineSandip Bhattacharya, RSNY