Ever been on a night out and ended up in Paris?

No, neither have we – something to aim for this weekend, perhaps. Read on to find out who did, as well as the quirkiest travel stories from the past seven days.

We’ve even thrown in a selection of our best holiday deals at the end.

Shall we begin?

The Hangover: Paris Edition

After a night out in Oldham near Manchester, one teenager ended up in Paris this week. Rather than getting the taxi to drop him off at home, the boozed-up youngster convinced the driver to take him to Manchester airport and booked a flight to the French capital instead. After falling asleep in a toilet at Charles de Gaulle airport, the teen explored some of the most famous sights in Paris, posting pictures to his bewildered friends back home, before flying back to the UK.

Asleep at Eiffel Tower by Alex Lau via Flickr

Highway to Hull

The UK City of Culture 2017 was revealed on Wednesday with the unexpected winner being named as… drumroll… Hull. The city, which regularly features in the list of ‘Crap Towns’, fought off strong competition from Swansea Bay, Leicester and Dundee to win the prestigious award which is given out every four years. Famous people who have lived in the city include former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, poet Philip Larkin and actress Maureen Lipman, who all claim to have had one Hull of a time there (sorry).

Humber Bridge by David Wright via Flickr

Happy Cabby

London’s taxis have been voted the best in the world – for the sixth year in a row! With 22% of the vote, cabs in the capital beat off the competition from New York and Tokyo and came out on top for local knowledge, cleanliness, friendliness, safety and quality of driving. So next time you’re sitting in the back of a taxi in London, be sure to give them a tip.

London Taxis by Al3xadk1n5 via Flickr

Less Hungary for Cash

Every winter, thousands of Brits head off to some of Europe’s biggest cities to enjoy their Christmas markets. But which city is the cheapest? Anyone looking to save some extra cash for presents should head to Budapest this year as recent research has found it to be the cheapest of 12 major Christmas market cities. The Hungarian capital is 39% cheaper than Munich, which was named the most expensive Christmas market destination – one to avoid if you’re on a budget!

Budapest Christmas Market by TopBudapestOrg via Flickr

Holiday Deals

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Images: Alex LauDavid WrightAl3xadk1n5Oatsy40TopBudapestOrg via Flickr