It’s Friday, which means we’re about to tell you all the travel stories you need to know from around the world this week.

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Who needs a firework display?

Bulge in Baggage Fees

If you’ve ever been that person standing at the check in desk, frantically un-packing and re-packing your overfilled suitcase struggling to reduce its weight, you are most definitely not alone. Latest figures suggest that one in five of us rack up excess baggage fees – and as a nation spend £340 million on extra charges each year. That’s some serious baggage!

excess baggage via flickr by nz defence force

Life’s a Beach in Egypt

Despite its political instability in some parts of the country, officials for Egypt tourism have a new way of convincing potential visitors that it’s a safe destination. Their solution? Broadcasting live footage via a webcam to prove to travellers that its Red Sea resorts are in fact trouble free. Perhaps another reason to work on that bikini bod.

egypt via flickr by wajahat mahmood

Spendy Seating

Known for being one of the few airlines not to assign seating, come February budget carrier Ryanair plans to allow passengers to select their seats for a fee of £4.23. If you don’t fancy paying, seats will also continue to be allocated on a first come, first-served basis. However, if you want to get a window seat or you’re more partial to the ease of being in the aisle, you’ll now have the chance to do so.

booked seat via flickr by RCB

Uh-Oh, Urine Trouble

One passenger this week was left flush-tered after being trapped in an aeroplane loo throughout a turbulent take off from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport. The woman on the Gatwick-bound flight said the on-board attendants, who hadn’t realised she was in there prior to take-off, did not allow her out of the toilet until after the seatbelt safety sign had been turned off. Safety first.

toilet via flickr by kalleboo

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