The end of the week is here, and with it our weekly roundup of news from this week.

From the top destination on Britain’s bucket lists to what your friends are talking about on Facebook, stand by for this week’s stories from the world of travel – and some ski deals to keep you busy.

When in Roam…

It’s estimated that Brits spend a combined £256 million each year on roaming charges, and this week the UK-based mobile provider Three announced its plans to scrap roaming charges for all of its customers visiting America, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Macau. This policy change has initiated talks to end global roaming fees altogether – as other mobile giants have signed an agreement with the Government to allow customers to roam for free from 2016.

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Facebook Feeds Are Stuffed with Travel

Recent research reveals that holidays are the most common topic to be posted on Facebook, with 99% of people admitting to sharing information about their travels via the social networking site. From holiday snaps to daydreaming of the beach, the study also found that roughly half of all content to pop up on newsfeeds is travel related.

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The Brightest Sight

When it comes to holiday bucket lists, recent statistics show that the Northern Lights are the sight to see  – with 37% of UK travellers making it their no.1 travel wish. The Aurora Borealis aren’t the only world phenomenon that people fancy seeing. Runners up include the pyramids in Egypt, America’s Route 66 and the Great Wall of China.

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London Wonderground

This week, Transport For London announced their plans to introduce a 24-hour service to the capital’s Heathrow Airport. The new Tube hours, which will be introduced in 2015, will run around the clock on Saturdays and have partial overnight service on Fridays. Now there’s no excuse for missing your flight!


Snow Way

Finally, put your poles down and take the gloves off, as the skier / snowboarder debate has finally been settled. A recent study from sports psychologists have found skiers to take more pleasure in their sport than their boarding counter parts. The reason? It’s said that the ‘flow’ associated with skiing is what makes for a more satisfactory experience overall. We’re staying out of this one…

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 Are you a skier or a boarder?

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