Known for its famous footie team, amazing architecture and wild nightlife scene, it’s fair to say that there’s more than enough to do in Barcelona.

However, if you’re only in town for a few days, the choices can be overwhelming – and it can be difficult to find a decent place to eat, drink and shop without breaking the bank.

Not to worry though, as we’ve got the inside scoop on the Catalan capital. Here are some of the city’s top bloggers to help you sift through the tourist traps and make the most of your stay in the City of Gaudi.

1. Secrets of Barcelona

This blog has clocked all of the city’s ‘hidden corners’ for you – no matter what your interests might be. We particularly recommend the list of open air activities (from outdoor cinema to where to skydive).

Sagrada Família via flickr by the travelling bum

2. Guiri Girl in Barca

If it’s a refreshingly honest perspective of an expat’s experience in the Catalan capital, then Julie Sheridan is your girl. Her blog not only offers a unique glimpse into a Scot’s relocation to Spain, but when it comes to sights and general must-sees, she’ll put you in the right direction too.

skateboarding via flickr by facemepls

3. Spotted By Locals

From where to pick up a snack if you’re peckish to the best cafes and music venues, this site should be your go-to for all things Barcelona. The best part? They are all tips from locals in the know – so you won’t be forced into forking out a fortune.

la rambla via flickr by stephanie overton

4. Let Me Feel Like a Doll

Local fashionista Laia doesn’t just breathe all things chic – she studies it too. From where to pick up the best bargains to recreating the latest catwalk looks (on a budget), the aspiring designer gives an exclusive glimpse behind Barcelona’s style scene.

Barcelona via flickr by twicepix

5. Barcelonette

If it’s a guide to the local lifestyle that you’re after (and having fun in general), Xenia’s pulled out all the stops. After starting her blog in 2006, Barcelonette prides itself on bringing the community together while breaking down the local culture – covering everything from the best places to grab a cocktail to where to shop.

barcelona by night via flickr by jordi paya

6. Fleas and Dogs in Barcelona

For ‘the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright hilarious’ of Barcelona life, have a read of Prithika’s adventures as she attempts to crack the Catalan culture. From great stories throughout the different neighbourhoods to where to go, it’s a definite must-read before any trip to the city.

Barcelona, Restaurante Salamanca

7. Moonraker Morsels

For everything edible throughout the city, this Barcelona-based blogger and UK expat is your go-to guide. Whether you’re trying to decide on a particular type of cuisine, neighbourhood or venue style, Claire’s categorised it all for you. She might spoon feed you the info, but you’ll have to polish it off for yourself – one morsel at a time, of course.

street art via flickr by exile on james street

8. Barcelona Street Scraps

While Antoni Gaudi and Josep Puig I Cadafalch might have paved the way for architecture, Barcelona is also home to more modern works of art. From tags to graffiti and spray painted murals, Brian’s got the latest on the city’s heaving street art scene.

barcelona neighbourhood via flickr by jsome1

9. Barcelona Freak Blog

If you’re planning a big night out in this clubbing capital, then this wild travel writer turned blogger is the one to follow. From the top places to dance ‘til dawn to the best pubs to grab a quick drink, this blog covers all the bases for a cracking night out.

barcelona skyline via flickr by juanedc

10. Best of Barcelona

From where to grab a proper plate of paella to the city’s must-go-to events, Javier captures Catalan life at its finest.

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