We know what you’re thinking: will winter ever end? Will the rain ever stop?

Well don’t worry, bargain holiday hunters. You can easily escape it all simply by booking a trip to somewhere sunny using one of the amazing deals at the end of this post.

Before we get holiday happy, take a look at what’s been going on around the world this week, from unusual sights on the tube to an amusing airport mix-up (for us, not them).

Here’s our pick of the travel news and cheap holidays from the past seven days.

Next Stop – Ele-pant and Castle 

Having a pants day? Well so were thousands of people on the London Underground who participated in the No Pants Subway Ride last weekend. The international phenomenon, which began in New York in 2002, now takes place in many cities across the world including Sydney, Brussels and Beijing. The stunt involves brave commuters leaving their pants (trousers) behind for the day and travelling on the subway as normal. Talk about a brief encounter.

Suitcases on tarmac

Airport Fail

After booking their dream holiday to the Caribbean, one couple from the West Midlands were left red-faced when they turned up at the wrong airport. Excited to be jetting off to the tropical island of Trinidad, the pair arrived at the check-in desk to be told that their flight was actually set to take off on the other side of the world. To their horror, the couple had booked their tickets from Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport in Alabama, rather than Birmingham in England. After a miserable ride back home, the couple cheered themselves up by booking a holiday to Benidorm.

Man Vs Plane

Fancy a free flight? Then you’ll have to run faster than a plane! After South African rugby star Bryan Habana beat the British Airways new A380 aircraft last year, five members of the public will now have the chance to do the same. The race will take place in South Africa next month and the fastest participant will take home two business class return tickets to London, Hong Kong, Los Angeles or Johannesburg.

Titanic Replica


Visitors to a new theme park in China will soon be getting that sinking feeling as a life sized replica of the Titanic is set to become the centrepiece of the park. Costing over £100 million, the attraction is scheduled to open in 2016 with a museum and shipwreck simulation. Work on the Chinese version of ‘the unsinkable ship’ is due to begin early this year and will also include a man made beach, cinema, castles and churches.

Holiday Deals

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