If this was your first week back at work after Christmas, you’ve probably already started thinking about your next holiday.

And with the weather currently making the UK a fairly wet and dreary place, we don’t blame you.

(Yes, we did just begin by talking about the weather).

So if you’re looking for a reason to escape, read on for our weekly roundup of holiday deals and travel news – it might be just the excuse you need.

Thumbs Up for Down Under  

According to Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, New Zealand’s Marlborough region looks the most attractive place to visit from space. Apparently, the mountainous terrain sets the country’s wine district apart from the rest of the globe. If he ever ends up going there, we bet he’d have a blast.

new zealand via flickr by dret

Hungry for the Big Apple

New York has been voted the most popular city on the planet by British travel writers. Runners up included London, Edinburgh, Paris and Venice. In terms of preferred countries, France took the top spot just beating India and Italy, while Thailand won the vote for the best beaches. Fancy a trip to NYC? Find a deal now.

new york via flickr by eric borja

Winter Wonder Cup

FIFA claims that due to extreme heat, the 2022 World Cup will not be held in the summer months – and might even commence in 2023. Instead the 22nd quadrennial football tournament will take place in Qatar from the 15th November to 15th January 2023 to avoid summer temperatures that can reach a staggering 45C – yikes!

world cup statue via flickr by doha stadium plus

The Great British Jet Setters

The average Brit has been to seven countries outside of the UK in their lifetime, according to London City Airport. While more than half of the 2,000 participants had been to France and Spain, countries such as the USA, Germany and Greece were also popular. That puts us well above the USA, as 54% of Americans have never visited another country.

passport by Christopher elison

Holiday Deals of the Week

Now, about that office escape – what do you fancy? City breaks, winter sun or summer holidays – take your pick:


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Images: dreteric borjadoha stadium plussean macentee, Christopher Elison via Flickr