Are you looking for holidays under £200pp?

Hurrah! Today is your lucky day: because we’ve scoured the Holiday Discount Centre website to find four destinations that fit the bill perfectly.

We’ve even come up with some price comparisons to help you justify booking your break abroad.

(Although at these prices, you probably won’t need to.)

So without further ado: onwards, to the bargain breaks!

 Tunisia via flickr by Salim Shadid

Tunisia, Mediterranean Coast

If you’ve never been to North Africa, Tunisia is a great place to start. With more than 10 resorts to choose from throughout the country, not only can you expect year-round sunshine, but Tunisia is also home to part of the Sahara desert and the Atlas Mountains.

Expect to pay: About £120-£200pp for a 7 night all-inclusive stay, depending on when you go. Sousse is the cheapest resort while Hammamet (just to the north) is on the higher end of the spectrum. Price wise, that’s about the equivalent of going for a pre-theatre dinner and a West End show, depending on where you eat.

Greece via flickr by ilkerender

Crete, Greece

Crete is a great destination for everyone from families and couples to party goers and larger groups. There are an estimated 8,500 ancient caves throughout the mainland and islands and Crete is home to about 2,000 of them, located both above ground and underwater – brilliant for exploring.

Expect to pay: £160pp for a 7-night all-inclusive stay – about the cost of treating the family to a day out at Alton Towers.

turkey via flickr by eleephotography

Alanya, Turkey

If it’s a cheap stint in Europe that you’re after, look no further than the seaside resort of Alanya on Turkey’s southern coast. Not only can you enjoy the area’s flawless beaches along the Mediterranean, but Alanya is also home to historic attractions too including Dim Cave and Alanya Kalesi Castle.

Expect to pay: Around £90pp for a 7-night all inclusive stay – about the same price as a day out at the footie.

majorca via flickr by oscarparadela

Majorca, Spain

What about a bit of Balearic bliss to tide you over until spring (or at least summer)? The great thing about Majorca is it’s got beaches, culture and nightlife galore – while not being too far from home.

Expect to pay: On average, between £100 and £130pp for a 7-night all-inclusive stay – that’s about the same price as a leather handbag, but we reckon you should top up your tan instead.

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Images: Salim Shadidmayrpamintuanilkerendereleephotography, via Flickr