Friday has come around once again, which can only mean one thing – our travel news roundup!

With everything from graffiti to baked beans, take a look at the best travel stories from the past seven days.

The Graffiti Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is one of the most famous structures in the world. However, so many people have etched their names onto it over the years that the country has decided to take drastic steps – by creating a dedicated graffiti zone. Located in the No 14 Fighting Tower building in Mutianyu, the section will allow visitors to write whatever they like and hopefully protect the rest of the wall from anyone armed with a marker pen!

Great Wall of China by Neil D'Cruze via Flickr

Holiday Squabbles

How long does it take before you have your first holiday argument? According to a recent survey, one in ten people have a bit of tiff within the first hour of their trip, and after just four hours, one in four people admit to getting into a squabble with the other half. Getting lost is the main cause of holiday arguments, while money and planning were also said to be other factors that get couples at each other’s throats. And we thought holidays were meant to be fun!

Argument by Craig Loftus via Flickr

Beanz Meanz Holz

Sampling the local cuisine is one of the highlights of holidaying abroad, however it seems that most people can’t spend a week or two without their home comforts. More than 60 per cent of Brits admit to stuffing their suitcase with their favourite snacks from back home. The most popular item? A tin of baked beans! 37 per cent of those asked take the tasty treat away with them, while chocolate and bacon were not far behind. Now we know why the plane home can sometimes be a bit whiffy!

Baked Beans by Marcelo Trasel via Flickr

Singa (Not Very) Poor

Thinking of visiting Singapore this year? Well you better start saving up. That’s because the Asian delight has been voted the most expensive city in the world. As well as having a strong currency, Singapore also has high transport costs (around three times higher than New York), while buying clothes here will also put a big hole in your bank account. The most expensive European destination on the list is Paris, although we have a range of great deals that can save you a bit of dosh before you even get there!


History Buffs

A list of the UK’s most popular tourist attractions has been revealed this week with many places in London topping the list. It seems tourists crave a bit of history and culture more than anything else as the British Museum, National Gallery and the Natural History Museum make up the top three. Almost seven-million people enjoyed the various collections at the British Museum in 2013 (20 per cent more than the previous year), while other attractions on the list that are outside of London include Edinburgh Castle and Chester Zoo.

British Museum by martinshuck via Flickr

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Images:  Nicolas Lannuzel, Neil D’Cruze, Craig Loftus, Marcelo Trasel, Arian Zwegers, martinshuck via Flickr.