Oh hi Friday!

Everyone might be busy taking #nomakeupselfies this week, but elsewhere around the world, famous landmarks have been getting in on the camera action too.

Read on to find out which well known spot is an Instagram favourite, as well as the cruise where you decide the destinations and – of course – our latest holiday deals. That’s why you’re here, right?

So without further ado, onwards, to the weekend!

Cruise Control

There’s a new cruise out there that allows passengers to create the ship’s itinerary. Dubbed the ‘curiosity cruise,’ passengers will be asked to vote between two destinations every 48 hours. The first ever journey will take place on October 10, 2015 when the vessel sets sail from Southampton.

cruise via flickr by smemon

Top Insta-national Attraction

What’s the most Instagrammed landmark from around the world? According to the brand’s latest study, it’s Paris’s Eiffel Tower (bien sur) as the iconic French structure has been tagged in a staggering 977,287 photos on the site. While Times Square and Big Ben took the second and third spots, they were well behind with 773,569 and 689,375 Instagram uploads. Ooh, là là!

eiffel tower via flickr by hans905

Red-faced Flight

Are you ever worried you might accidentally end up on the wrong plane? Well, one Southwest Airlines pilot landed at the wrong destination, ending up in a small airport eight miles north of Branson, Missouri (the scheduled destination). Whoopsie!

flight via flickr by icanchangethisright

Meant 2B

This week, we saw customer service and match making being taken to new heights (literally) when a woman @mentioned an airline’s Twitter account to request a date with a fellow passenger. The innovative woman claimed she’d met her ‘future husband’ on the American Airlines flight, but the only number of his she got was his seat number – 2B. While the airline refused to give out any information, they advertised her efforts to find her dream man instead. Ah, love at first flight.

Vertical cupid by ken H via flickr

The W-hole Package

We all know the W hotel is a popular place to get married, but their new services suggest that the ‘W’ might stand for ‘wedding’. For a fee, the brand’s New York hotels are offering a new social media package that live tweets a couple’s ceremony and reception. The brand will even create ‘a unique’ hashtag for your big day tracking your every vow.

wedding party via flickr by zabowski

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