The Easter break will soon be upon us, and with two bank holidays to play with, it’s a great time to book a trip away without wasting too many of those precious paid days off.

So whether you’re looking for a long haul trip or a short weekend break, we’ve picked out a few places where you could be jetting off to this Easter.

All you have to do is work out how much holiday allowance you want to use up…

Trinity College Dublin by Budget Places via Flickr

1. Long Weekend City Break

Holiday allowance taken: 0 days

Already booked your holidays for later on in the year? Don’t worry! Travelling from Good Friday until Easter Monday means you don’t have to take any of your holiday allowance at all.

Get the most out of your three night break by staying close to home – you can visit Edinburgh or fly to Dublin. Alternatively, you can also get away to Amsterdam, Venice and Prague in less than two hours.

Crete by Paula McMillen via Flickr

2. Relaxing Week Abroad

Holiday allowance taken: 4 days

If you’ve only got four days of annual leave to spare, you can still get away for seven days, meaning you could consider a weeklong trip to somewhere like Greece, Spain or Malta.

With short flight times (under three hours), you’ll be able to spend even more time in the sun than in the air. You also shouldn’t suffer from any effects of jetlag when you return home, so you’ll be able to skip back into work feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

Here’s the deals we found in Crete for under £250 per person.

Egypt Pyramids by Nina Hale via Flickr

3. Extended Beach Break

Holiday allowance taken: 6 days

If you fancy a 10 day holiday, you’ll be able to get away during the Easter period and use just six days of your holiday allowance. This means you might want to venture a little further afield.

Places such as Egypt and Rhodes are a great option. They’re between four to five hours flight time away from the UK, but are worth travelling to if you’ve got the time to enjoy a longer trip.

Flying to Rhodes for a 10 day trip will cost around £291 per person.

Universal Studios, Orlando by Robert Linsdell via Flickr

4. Fortnight in the Sun

Holiday allowance taken: 8 days

If you’ve got spare holiday days coming out of your ears, then Easter is a great time to go long haul for a two week holiday in the sunshine.

Push the boat out to far-flung destinations such as Antigua for £1226 per person or Orlando from £523 pp (flying from the 12th April).

The best news is that a 14 night stay over Easter will still only eat away eight of your holiday days, which gives you another excuse to book somewhere else later on in the year.

Where do you fancy jetting off to over Easter?

Images: Big BirdzBudget PlacesPaula McMillenNina HaleRobert Linsdell via Flickr