What a week it’s been!

Wondering what the biggest stories of the week have been? You’re in luck. Relax and read up on everything you need to know from the world of travel.

Heathrow Airport by Max Froumentin via Flickr


Flying from Heathrow this year? Well you might want to make sure you take a good book or a crossword puzzle with you. That’s because the London airport has been named the worst in the country for punctuality, with 24% of flights at the airport either departing or arriving late. The delays were said to be caused by severe bad weather, but Heathrow’s camp admit there is still room for improvement.

Lego Man Pilot via Facebook

LE-GOing Around the World

The selfie is the latest craze across the globe, but one anonymous British pilot has become a social media sensation with his LEGO-man selfie. Dubbed the LEGO Pilot (follow him on Twitter here), the popular toy is seen in a variety of stunning destinations around the world. The pilot’s small yellow friend travels with him on every journey showing the glamorous life of a pilot. Let’s just hope he’s not flying the plane!

Ant & Dec by Ben Salter via Flickr

Ant & Trek

When we think of famous explorers, we often conjure up images of the likes of Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake and Sir Ranulph Fiennes. But in a recent survey, the British public have also named Ant and Dec and even more bizarrely, Joey Essex, on their list of top explorers! One in four children named Bear Grylls as their favourite ever adventurer, while Sir David Attenborough topped the list for adults.

British Airways Plane by Aero Icarus via Flickr

What a Load of Rubbish

How do you fancy flying on a plane that is fuelled by rubbish? Well British Airways is planning to build the world’s first plane that converts landfill waste into airline fuel. The aviation giants have agreed to buy 50,000 tonnes of the jet fuel every year, which will significantly reduce their carbon emissions. Talk about having a rubbish flight!

Using Laptop in Car by Eden, Janine and Jim via Flickr

Travel ‘App-y

It seems children have swapped a game of ‘Eye Spy’ for the iPad, as the tablet is now an essential item when travelling on long journeys. Researchers for Disney have found that 80% of 5,000 British parents asked, said they’d given their child a tablet or smartphone to combat boredom while on the move. With almost half of families spending their Easter break in the UK (and set to be stuck in the car for up to three hours) we can’t really blame them!

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Images: Christiaan TriebertMax FroumentinLego Man Pilot via FacebookAero IcarusBen SalterEden, Janine and Jim