It’s Friday! Which means it’s time for another round up.

From some quirky international studies to exclusive travel deals, here’s this week’s compilation of stories from around the world.

Flying Back for a Fry Up

There’s a new generation of British ex-pats who are coming back to the UK after moving to another country. Dubbed ‘boomerang Brits’, 39% cited family and friends as the reason for their return, while the second most popular excuse was for the standard British grub. The most popular dishes being fish ‘n’ chips followed by a slap up English breakfast. Who knew we were so loyal to our food?

dirty old fry up via flickr by Preater

Late to the Gate

What’s the world’s most delayed airline? According to the latest findings from last year, it’s Monarch – whose planes were 18 minutes late on average. The most punctual were BMI, BA and KLM who operated on-time around 90% of the time. Just an FYI.

plane via flickr by granpapa

i-Kid You Not

Despite what you might think about the new generation of techy tots (i-kids), recent findings reveal beach activities to be the most popular among the primary school age group. In fact, not one gadget made it into the top 10 of the holiday bucket (and spade) list, and all of the top activities mentioned were outdoors. That’s fresh air – one, Apple Airs – nil.

kids via flickr by camknows

World Cup Goal

Football fans everywhere are getting ready for this year’s World Cup, but one English fan is already planning his route to the stadium. He’ll be setting off directly from his flat in Shepherd’s Bush and attempting to make the journey on a moped for charity, travelling from London to Rio. That’s a 15,000 ride!

moped via flickr by spicybear

Red-Face Alert!

According to a recent study on airport security searches, 34% of flyers have felt humiliated while being searched. From a ruined engagement proposal to an embarrassing pair of undies packed on a business trip (and unveiled in front of colleagues), the research reveals some of the most cringeworthy encounters at security check points. Awkward!

airport security via flickr by mujitra

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