We’re always wondering what people love or hate most about holidays, from their biggest holiday fashion faux pas to where they’re hoping to visit this year.

So we caught up with our very own Sales & Marketing Executive, Mark, to ask him a few fun questions. (Ps. If you’re prone to going red in the face, you might want to look away from question number 8!)

1. Are you a beach bum or a water baby? Where would you rather spend your time?

Neither much. I’d rather spend a day on the slopes, but I prefer a lie by a swimming pool to the beach (sand gets in awkward places!)

2. If you had to wear one of these throughout the duration of your holiday, and never take them off which would you choose? A rubber ring or goggles?

Would have to be goggles even though I would end up with panda eyes – my belly would not fit into a rubber ring!

Rubber Ring by Carpool via Flickr

3. What type of packer are you? Fold everything carefully or chuck it all in?

I iron and fold all my clothes and pack carefully. I even take an iron on holiday to get rid of the unwanted creases.

4. What is your top tip when booking a holiday?

Never leave it too late as you might miss out on your preferred destination.

5. What’s the worst holiday souvenir you’ve ever received?

A camel from Tunisia – it stunk!

Camel Souvenirs by Nickay3111 via Flickr

6. If you could sit next to any celebrity on the plane, who would it be?

It would have to be Floella Benjamin as she was my first crush.

7. Describe how you feel about bumbags in 2 words.

Utterly Ridiculous.

8. What is your most embarrassing holiday moment?

Having my clothes nicked by my mate after a late night dip and having to walk home with an airbed wrapped around me which was see through.

View over Hisaronu by Chris Parfitt via Flickr

9. What destination is on your travel bucket list this year?

Would love to re-visit Hisaronu in Turkey – it is like a second home.

10. What do you think is the biggest holiday fashion faux pas?

Has to be the Mankini.

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Images: Phalinn Ooi, Carpool, Nickay3111 & Chris Parfitt via Flickr.