The wedding season is almost upon us, and when it comes to hen parties, more and more people are choosing to celebrate them abroad.

The cost of an overseas hen trip can be expensive though, so we’ve come up with a few ways to help you save some money on your next do:

Make your own Outfits

Fancy dress, printed T-shirts or blow up dolls don’t come cheap. So why not make your own? Browse your wardrobe for some inspiration that will help you choose a theme that will also be relatively easy for you to make an outfit. This will help you avoid having to splash out on pricey costumes and accessories.

Look around your house for anything else you might have lying around or perhaps you’ll find something you can reuse from previous parties. All the hens could even gather at one person’s house for a fun outfit making night – with food and cocktails, obviously!

Fancy Dress by Cleavers via Flickr

Shop Around for Activities

If you’re planning on booking several activities for you and your hens, it’s important to shop around. It might be more convenient to use an expert hen party planner, but this often works out more expensive as they tend to add commission to the price of activities or entry to clubs.

Booking each activity separately can keep costs down, and it’s also worth asking if there are any discounts for large groups. Alternatively, activities such as sunbathing and sightseeing won’t cost you a single penny either!

Hen do

Book Early

A hen party can often be a bit of a nightmare to organise, so first things first. Ensure all your friends can make it (and afford it) by giving them as much notice as possible. This will not only decrease the chances of your mates being booked up that weekend, but it also means they’ll be able to save up by putting a bit of money aside each month.

Booking early often means cheaper prices on flights and accommodation, as well as a greater choice, so it’s always better if you don’t hang around.

Planning by Nomadic Lass via Flickr

Create a Money Kitty

Spending can often spiral out of control when you’re out drinking, and it can be tempting to keep buying drinks on your card when at the bar. If you want to avoid a nasty shock when you look at your next bank statement, creating some kind of money kitty could be a good idea.

At the beginning of the night, everyone puts a set amount into the kitty that everyone is happy with, with one person (not the bride to be) in charge. This way you won’t be delving into your purse every time you’re at the bar, and once the kitty has gone, it’s gone!

Money Kitty by Meis Beeder via Flickr

Choose the Destination Wisely

Choosing the right destination is one of the biggest ways you can save money on your hen weekend abroad. For most people, a hen party will involve a bit of alcohol, so pick a place where the drinks are relatively cheap.

Cities such as Budapest and Krakow are extremely affordable with the exchange rate favourable to the pound, so it’s definitely worth staying in Europe rather than jetting off somewhere pricier like Las Vegas!

Bar in Budapest by Daniel Edwins via Flickr

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Do you have any money saving tips for a hen party weekend?

Images: Martin Thomas, Cleavers, Claire Rowland, Nomadic Lass, Meis Beeder and Daniel Edwins via Flickr.