It’s Friday! The forecast is promising, and the round up has been written. What more could you ask for?

From new in-flight inventions to plans for a rather unusual museum, this week the world of travel’s brimming with stories.

Read on for the latest updates…

The Queen of Eurovision

Since the ‘bearded lady’ Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest for Austria on Saturday with her hit ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’, Vienna’s never been more popular with gay travellers. This year, the city expects its 5-day pride parade to reel in record numbers of visitors, which will commence on June 14. Perhaps she’ll change the song name to ‘Rise of the Tourists’.

Eurovision via flickr by nicokaiser

Bright Id-Kea?

This week, IKEA announced its plans to make its first ever store into a museum about the Swedish furniture brand. The museum is due to open in Älmhult – about 60 miles north of Malmo next year and plans to pull 200,000 furniture fans to its home base. What’s your take on the proposal? Dud or lightbulb idea?

ikea via flickr by dahlstroms

The Latest Air-cessory

There’s a new multi-purpose travel accessory out on the market for airline passengers everywhere. The ‘b-tourist’ is a thick stretchy band that claims to up your privacy and protect your belongings while offering you a bit of extra cushioning on your next flight. However, on the downside, you’ll need to get permission from your neighbours – as the contraption covers the TV screen of the seat behind you while pushing the seat in front of you back. Seems like a bit of a stretch!


The Skinny on Swimsuits

According to a recent travel survey, around a fifth of Brits avoid booking a beach break due to woes about their bodies. While most book an alternative holiday that doesn’t require them to strip down to their cosies, some admit to skipping a trip away altogether due to insecurities about their looks. Sounds like a bum deal.

beach via flickr by visitstpeteclearwater

App-y Travelling

Have you ever lost your luggage? Well thanks to a new innovation by Air France-KLM, you might never lose track of it again. The new technology, which could be out by December, uses Bluetooth and GPS allowing passengers to locate their bags from a smartphone. When it comes to flying we say, the less baggage the better!

suitcase via flickr by nihanpeker

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Images: pistolsdrawnnicokaiser, dahlstromsvisitstpeteclearwater, nihanpeker via Flickr.