It’s not just been the week of the London tube strikes (round 2) that’s had tongues wagging around the globe.

From unusual packing choices to the hottest restaurant trend, here are the latest happenings in the realm of travel.


Beachgoers beware! It turns out, all the girls in Spain, keep their bikinis for the beach, as Majorca authorities have announced plans to introduce a fine for those who leave the seaside in their swimwear. But it’s not just the women who’ll be fined, men sporting Speedos or swimming shorts will be charged too – and if caught, they could face a hefty £500 fee. We think it might be time to get out that Beckham-style sarong from the back of the wardrobe!

beach via flickr by georgeatanassov

Luggage That Packs a Punch

This week, some of the world’s strangest travel items were revealed in a survey on UK holidaymakers’ packing habits. The quirkiest offenders to appear in suitcases across the country included framed photos of dead animals, a set of dumbbells, a stuffed hamster and a fire extinguisher. Talk about baggage!

luggage via flickr by kthread

Wi-Fi: Far and Wide

Another hot topic in travel? Wi-Fi hotspots, of course. This week, Canada announced the new locations where internet access will be introduced – at 20 far-flung locations throughout its vast array of national parks. As for some of the world’s oddest Wi-Fi zones? Apparently the North Pole, a Kentucky cemetery, and a sculpture gallery in Florence all boast their very own hotspots – and most for free as well.

banff national park via flickr by redeo

Single and (Not-So) Ready to Mingle

There’s a new trend in town across the world’s restaurant scene – and that’s dining toute seule. This week, a new eatery opened in Amsterdam, which caters exclusively to solo diners. Eenmaal doesn’t just have single size tables, but there’s only one chair per serving space too. While the tables look a bit like desks, there’s no Wi-Fi available – and instead customers are encouraged to bring along some reading material.

table via flickr by janicecullivan

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Images: susivinh, georgeatanassov, kthread, redeo, janicecullivan via Flickr.