So Wimbledon has got off to a great start and the sun has been shining (well, mostly) for the past few days. What’s not to love about June?

But what travel-related news do we have for you this week? Read on to find out!

England’s Coming Home

England’s disastrous World Cup exit may be bad news for football fans around the country, but it seems a large number of people are using it as an excuse to jet away. After the Three Lions whimpered to a 2-1 defeat to Uruguay last week, there was a 32 per cent increase in people searching for holidays. With 13.6 per cent of people admitting to delaying their holiday plans because of the tournament, it seems dejected England fans will soon be making up for it with Spain being the top destination for a quick getaway.

A lone Mexican mounts the steps and rouses his compatriots.

A Flying Visit

What’s your preferred way to travel? Well it seems as though the humble aeroplane is old news, as it’s now possible to travel from Spain to Portugal via a zipline! That’s right – daredevils will be able to climb aboard the zipline in Andalucia, Spain before arriving in Alcoutim, Portugal in under a minute after a thrilling ride at speeds of around 50mph. After the journey, a boat is on hand to bring travellers back to Spain in what is the world’s only zipline that carries passengers from one country to another.

Zipline by flowcomm via Flickr

Summer of Love

Single? Going on holiday this summer? Well you might come back with more than you’d planned (no we don’t mean one of those!). That’s because a recent survey has found that 11 per cent of people have married a person they have met on holiday. More than one in four randy Brits also admit to having a holiday fling with a stranger they’ve only just met. So keep your eyes peeled for that Mr or Mrs. Right this year!

Couple on beach by LaserGuided via Flickr

Just Plane Boring

A long haul flight can sometimes be a bit of a pain, but British Airways has come up with an ingenious way (apparently!) of keeping passengers entertained – by allowing them to watch a video of a seven-hour train journey. BA plan to introduce this ‘Slow TV’ movement on more flights in the near future to provide a hypnotic and calming in-flight experience. Innovative idea, but we think we might just stick to a rom-com!

Train ride by Garret Clarke via Flickr

The Cringe Factor

Are you one of the millions of people that share holiday snaps on sites such as Facebook and Twitter? Well we don’t blame you! But a recent survey has revealed the holiday photos that Brits just love to hate. Coming out on top is the classic iPhone temperature report with over half of those asked saying the screenshot – often featuring a row of sunshine – is the most clichéd holiday photo. The list also includes the selfie, a person’s name written in sand and of course, hot dog legs!

Writing on Sand by Paleontour via Flickr

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Images: Sharon, Garry Knight, flowcomm, LaserGuided, Garret Clarke & Paleontour via Flickr.