If you fancy a break from the football or just want to mute Adrian Chiles for a few minutes, our latest travel news round-up is guaranteed to be more enjoyable than last night’s England match.

Read on for everything you need to know from the past seven days and don’t forget to scroll right to the bottom for those all-important deals.

Heartbreak Hotel v Summer Fling

While a holiday is often the thing most people look forward to every year, more and more people are booking a trip abroad in order to get over a breakup. One in five of those surveyed admitted to planning a holiday to take their mind off their ex, with Ibiza being the top destination for newly-single Brits. Don’t get too down about it, we heard 25 per cent of people claim to have booked a holiday in order to find a new love interest – awww.

Woman on Beach by Randy Robertson via Flickr

South Cheap Asia

If you’re looking for a bargain break this year, look no further than Hanoi in Vietnam. According to a TripAdvisor survey, the city has been named the world’s most affordable place to visit based on a night out and overnight stay for two people, costing an average of just £91.70. If it’s an affordable cocktail you’re after though, head to Cancun in Mexico, as the resort is the best value for drinks – a vodka martini will set you back just over £2!

Hanoi by Jorge Cancela via Flickr

Bucketload for Brewski

Many of us love nothing more than sipping on a refreshing pint on a hot summer’s day; however some places might put more of a dent in your wallet than others. If you want more beer for your buck (or pound!), it might be advised to avoid the capital cities in Switzerland, Norway and Japan, while London comes in at no. 5 on the list.

It’s not all bad news for beer lovers though as more wallet-friendly cities include Warsaw, Berlin and Prague, where you can grab a bottle of the beverage for as little as 64p! Talk about pint-sized prices!

Holiday Beers by Gemma Amor via Flickr

Stashing the Cash

Have you checked the back of your drawers or the inside pocket of your suitcase lately? Well perhaps you should have a look. That’s because more than 40 per cent of Brits have unchanged foreign currency somewhere in their homes. In fact, the average Brit is said to have hung onto £27.13 in foreign currency which equals a whopping £550m worth throughout the entire UK. That’ll get you 43 beers in Prague!

Foreign Currency by Cathy Stanley-Erickson via Flickr

Packing Predicament

With news that Colleen Rooney took 15 suitcases with her to watch the hubby playing football in Brazil, it seems she’s not the only one who likes to pack everything but the kitchen sink. A huge 81 per cent of people say they’re unable to take everything they want on holiday due to luggage restrictions, with one in seven people even discarding items at the airport.

HA0478 - Journey Planning. Lifestyle Images Portraying The Three Main Elements Of A Journey: Planning The Route, Travelling And Reaching Destination.

Have you ever had to discard items at the airport to meet the baggage allowance? Let us know below!

Holiday Deals

Images: Angelo Amboldi, Randy Robertson, Gemma AmorCathy Stanley-EricksonHighways Agency & Jorge Cancela via Flickr.