After a few months away, our travel wardrobe challenge is back – and better than ever!

So with the World Cup in full swing, we thought we’d get into the sporting spirit with our very own mini sports day.

The challenge? Every activity must use a beach ball. Enjoy!


It may be the ultimate beach sport, but the traditional heavy ball has caused many a broken nail over the years. This lightweight option is a much safer alternative for anyone with acrylic nails – just try not to pop it!


Apprentice in the Middle

Think doing the photocopying and making the tea round is all that an intern does? Wrong! They’re also hugely important for a spot of office fun. Simply stand either side of them, throwing a beach ball back and forth over their head.

Apprentice in the middle

Ball and Spoon Race

The egg is so last year! Instead, it’s the ball and spoon race that will soon be the main event at sports days* up and down the country – and best of all, it doesn’t break if it falls off (so there’s no need to stick a cheeky bit of blue tack on the bottom!)

(*this may not be true)

Ball and spoon race

Kick Around

The likes of Ronaldo and Messi might be pretty good with a football but no player can ever be called truly world class until they’ve played the game with a beach ball can they? Rumour has it the England squad are currently training with them.

Kick around


Ok, sitting down is not necessarily a sport – well not at all to be honest. But we think you’ll all agree that sitting on a beach ball rather than the traditional office chair is much more fun.


So there we have it. Proof that the beach ball is an essential accessory (kind of!) for any occasion.

Good work, team!

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Image credit: Valentina Power via Flickr.