From a new type of accommodation to some seriously satisfying airline services, here’s our pick of the top travel stories from the past seven days.

Barrels of Fun

Known for their courage, the Dutch are getting even braver and have taken the B&B to a whole new level after opening a hotel that’s made up entirely of wine barrels, a concept that’s been dubbed the Booze & Breakfast. That’s right – you sleep in a barrel! While the barrels have obviously been drained of their contents, each room comes with a complimentary bottle of vino, so you won’t have to go thirsty.


Just ‘Plane’ Weird

If you’ve ever wondered what your fellow passengers have in their bags on holiday, you’re in luck. As a new list has surfaced revealing the oddest items ever to be ‘smuggled’ onto a flight (or at least attempted). Some of the strangest? A turtle in a hamburger, tadpole inside a passenger’s mouth and a corpse in a wheelchair pretending to be a passenger! Yikes, talk about baggage!


The Pilot’s Special

It was anything but an ordinary flight for peckish passengers travelling to Denver from Washington earlier this week. Due to summer storms, the plane was forced to ground in Wyoming causing havoc and massive delays. However the captain decided to take matters into his own hands and ordered pizza for all of the passengers – straight from the cockpit. No word on what toppings were ordered, but we bet it was fully loaded like the aircraft.


NY-LON Comes to Dubai

London and New York may be two of the world’s most popular cities (well according to recent surveys they are the top two) but imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery and once again Dubai is putting itself on the map by bringing a piece of the iconic cities to the UAE. Dubai is building a new shopping centre which will emulate both London’s Oxford Street and New York’s Times Square and Broadway. A ‘city within a city’, the Mall of the World is set to be the city’s no.1 tourist attraction when it opens in 2020. As the saying goes, if you can’t beat them…


British Break Blunders

A new survey has disclosed the top 10 things Brits admit to forgetting on their holidays. Amongst the items are toiletries, phone chargers, swimwear and sun cream, but number three happens to be the key article you actually need to get away – your passport! We can all be a bit scatty at times, but we reckon that’s the one thing not to pass on, folks!


Holiday Deals

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