Not only is the sun out, but it’s Friday – (and nearly wine o’clock!)

As per usual, here’s this week’s round up of news from around the world – and we’ve thrown in some more holiday deals too!

Hottest Day of the Year

Whether or not you realised it, yesterday was the hottest day of the year throughout much of Britain with temperatures soaring to a sizzling 28*C in the south. In fact, it got so hot at Wimbledon that apparently 72 people had to be treated by medics for heat exhaustion. No word on if this created a racquet on the stands (sorry!).


Latest Splash in the World of Water Sports

A holiday wouldn’t be a holiday without some water sport action, but this new activity that’s making waves across Europe takes place under the water – not on top of it. Subwing is the hand held fin that lets you swim like a dolphin while being dragged behind a speedboat. If you end up giving this a shot on your next trip, make sure you don’t forget to come up for air!


Self Africa

Good news for snap happy tourists en route to South Africa as the country is now offering city tours in 3G enabled vehicles. The new innovation will allow visitors to upload their images to social media and share their selfies instantly with their friends and family. Not only is it a revolution for the most dedicated selfie taker, but it’s also managed to save travellers money as they no longer have to rely on expensive Wi-Fi from their hotels.

south africa

Who Let the Dogs Out?

It appears that dogs are starting to travel abroad with their owners more and more and a petition has now been launched requesting for dog friendly carriages to be added to the Eurostar! At the moment, the only pets allowed to travel with passengers include guide dogs, but if the petition were to come into fruition, come Christmas you and your pooch could be enjoying a romantic weekend away in Paris. Genius or barking mad? We’ll let you decide!


The World’s Your Oyster

Dubai has once again taken its attractions to a whole new level, but this time it’s a theme park (set underwater). The new development, The Pearl of Dubai was apparently inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean and Avatar and is set to be the world’s largest underwater theme park. Not bad for a city based in the desert!



Holiday Deals

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