This week’s travel news round-up is as varied as ever, featuring everything from a hand luggage storage solution to the cheapest place to buy a portion of chips!

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School’s Out for Summer

Around two-million Brits will be heading abroad this weekend for their annual summer holiday. With the kids breaking up from school this week, airports are set to be teeming with families in search of a spot of summer sun – around 450,000 passengers will be flying from Heathrow Airport. Where are they off to? Well, Spain is the most popular destination for holidaymakers this weekend, just ahead of Greece and Turkey, while the most common long-haul trips are to Mexico, Dubai and Florida.

Family on Beach by Visit St.Pete Clearwater via Flickr

Cash Vegas

If you’re heading to Las Vegas this year, you might want to think about saving up a bit more spending money. That’s because the US city has been named as the destination where most people spend over their budget, with Paris, New York, Venice and Ibiza making up the top five. If you’re one of those people who spends too much on holiday, you’re not alone as almost 60 per cent of Brits admitted to blowing their budget whilst away, with a third of those asked saying they did not plan their budget well enough.

Las Vegas Sign by Prayitno Photography via Flickr

Lost in Translation

Do you take your smartphone out on holiday with you? Well according to a recent survey, a massive 86 per cent of people claim to leave their phone at the hotel whilst out and about. As a result, it is estimated that Brits lose 22 million hours every year whilst wandering around and looking for somewhere. It seems many tourists choose to turn their phones off as they’re worried about creating huge bills due to roaming charges – what ever happened to using a good old fashioned map?

Lost Tourists by Funk Dooby via Flickr

Overhead Overhaul

There’s good news for air passengers this week, as fighting to squeeze your hand luggage into the overhead locker could soon be a thing of the past. Next year, Boeing are set to introduce ‘Space Bins’ to their new planes that will be able to store six carry-on suitcases perfectly into the space provided. With more and more people choosing to take larger items of hand luggage into the cabin, rather than checking in a suitcase, passengers will no longer have to worry about fitting their belongings into the locker above. Talk about a handy solution!

Restrictions for hand luggage

Cheap as Chips

Looking to get away on a budget? Then you should probably think about booking a trip to Bulgaria or Spain. A recent survey has found that typical holiday items such as sun cream and a bucket and spade can be up to 80 per cent cheaper depending on where you go. The survey also looked at the cost of drinks and a three-course meal. Sunny Beach was said to be the best value resort, where a portion of chips will set you back just 64p!

Bucket and Spade by Henry Burrows via Flickr

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Images: Will Ockenden, Visit St.Pete Clearwater, Prayitno Photography, Funk Dooby, Mundo Resink & Henry Burrows via Flickr.