Here at Holiday Discount Centre, we don’t believe in storing our essential holiday items in the back of the wardrobe until next year.

Each month, the HDC team come up with alternative (and often damn right ridiculous) uses for one particular holiday staple.

This month, it’s the turn of… the travel pillow!

Tea cosy

What’s worse than a stiff neck? That’s right – a cold cup of tea! Luckily a travel pillow can help to prevent both of these. Simply wrap it around your cuppa for guaranteed* hot tea no matter how long it’s been sitting there.

*not always guaranteed

tea cosy

Working together

Sometimes two heads are better than one, but ensuring your colleague sticks to the task at hand rather than straying into the kitchen or for a gossip at the photocopier can often be tricky. Simply hook it around both yours and your workmates wrists and get the job done in half the time.

working together

Back rest

With more and more people complaining about back pain, the travel pillow is set to become the new must-have ergonomic office item. Just slip it between back and chair for an instant cure for back pain.*

*always consult a doctor before using a travel pillow to reduce back pain (and maybe don’t mention HDC)

back rest

Hair band

It’s official! Hair bands are back in fashion and they’re bigger (literally) than ever! Last seen in 1995, the hair band is the ultimate hair accessory so slide it on top of your head and wear it with pride.

hair band

Foot warmer

Got a colleague who loves cranking up the air con? Well fear not. Cold feet could soon be a thing of the past with this handy one-size-fits-all foot warmer. You’ll never need to buy a pair of socks again!

foot warmer

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Can you think of any other uses for a travel pillow? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments box below.

Main image: Takahiro Yamagiwa via Flickr.