Hurray! Will, Simon, Jay and Neil are back – expect more cringeworthy encounters, bad jokes and perhaps even some dodgy dancing this time around – all whilst Down Under!

That’s right, The Inbetweeners 2 will be hitting cinema screens around the UK on Wednesday – with the film following the foursome as they explore the sights of Australia.

Not sure which of the lads you’d choose to go on holiday with? This should help you decide.

Where? Rome
Who with? Will

After hoping to visit the Minoan Palace of Knossos on his previous holiday to Crete, it seems as though Will would love nothing more than a sightseeing break. Moving away from Greece, Rome ticks all the right boxes for Will when it comes to ancient archaeological sites with the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Piazza Navona all sure to capture his imagination – he might have to leave his three friends behind though to get his wish.

Colosseum in Rome by Laszlo Ilyes via Flickr

Where? Magaluf
Who with? Jay

It may not be as infamous as the Caravan Club (where Jay spent many of his holidays growing up), but Maguluf might just give it a run for its money, with clubs such as BCM Planet Dance and Boomerang to enjoy. Known as being a party destination for young people, the resort is sure to be at the top of Jay’s travel bucket list, and after a week of bar crawls, foam parties, water sports and much more, the crudest of The Inbetweeners may well have some new stories to share with his friends.

Boat party by Click-Mallorca via Flickr

Where? Paris
Who with? Simon

We all know it’s about time Simon finally got over his childhood crush Carly, and there are few better places to do so than the City of Love itself. And who would bet against him meeting a girl and proposing at the top of the Eiffel Tower? That’s if he doesn’t throw up in her face first! To complete his romantic retreat in Paris, Simon might want to take a girl out for dinner down a pretty, cobblestone alley before a romantic sunset cruise along the River Seine.

Eiffel Tower by Artur Staszewski via Flickr

Where? Cancun
Who with? Neil

When it comes to busting some moves on the dance floor, there’s nobody better than Neil, meaning the lively resort of Cancun in Mexico is sure to be right up his street. Here, Neil will be able to choose from numerous bars and nightclubs which have helped make Cancun one of the clubbing capitals of the world. For a few more dancing tips (salsa rather than robotics), Neil is sure to be impressed by the Grand Mambo Café, while the famous Coco Bongo club is always a fun night out.

Coco Bongo Cancun by Krystal International Vacation Club via Flickr

Which of The Inbetweeners would you most like to go on holiday with?

Images: Laszlo Ilyes, Click-Mallorca, Artur Staszewski & Krystal International Vacation Club via Flickr.