To help you decide where you’d like to go on holiday this year, we thought we’d chat to someone who has been there, done that and no doubt bought a few T-shirts along the way!

This month, we caught up with blogger, Heather from Heather on her travels to find out about her travel plans for the year, as well as some of her favourite places to visit.

Here’s what she had to say.

1. Which countries have you visited so far this year?

Marrakech for a long weekend, a Mediterranean Cruise covering Spain, France, Italy, Tunisia, Copenhagen in February to cover the Copenhagen food festival and more recently I was back to Copenhagen for a summer holiday with the family.

I’ve had some wonderful UK breaks on the North Devon Coast, exploring the beaches of the Gower, walking on the Pembrokeshire coastal path and following the Dylan Thomas trail in South Wales.

Market in Marrakech

2. What are your future travel plans for the rest of the year and beyond?

I’m off to Greece shortly for a family break since my sister lives there, then I’ll be walking in Mallorca in September, Athens in October for the TBEX blogger’s conference and there are some more trips later in the year which I’m just finalising.

3. Where do your family like to go on holiday?

As my kids are now in their late teens and 20s, I try to plan family breaks around what they enjoy, or they probably wouldn’t come with me! Last year we went surfing in Morocco, and we’re just back from a trip to Copenhagen where we spent a lot of time eating, swimming, cycling and just enjoying the great summertime vibe around the harbour.

Little Mermaid Statue in Copenhagen

4. Which places do you remember visiting as a child?

Family holidays as a child were mainly camping in Europe, but my parents loved to visit as many different places as possible. My father has photos of us in places I’ve since visited such as Rome and Salzburg, but my memories are a bit hazy on what we saw. My most vivid memories are of camping in a rain storm near Lake Garda and getting flooded out!

5. Which is your favourite city in the world – and why?

There are many places I’ve enjoyed for different reasons, as much because of the people I was with or the specific things we did, as the place. However Budapest and Copenhagen are two cities that I’ve been happy to return to over and over because of the combination of great atmosphere, beautiful buildings, plenty to see and great food.

St Stephen's Basilica in Budapest

6. Where is your favourite place in Europe – and why?

I love going back to the Greek island of Zakynthos to see my sister, as through her I’ve been able to understand how the Greeks live and discover some special places on that island.

7. Who would be your perfect travel companion?

I love travelling with my husband of course who comes with me on most trips, and luckily he is very tolerant of me taking endless photos for my blog. I’m happy to travel with different companions depending on the trip, such as a girlfriend, my sisters, my kids or my parents. I love travelling with friends and family so that we can have shared memories and experiences.

Zakynthos beach

8. What is the one travel item you can never leave behind?

My iPhone – I use it to keep up with e-mails, take photos and video, for travel guides and apps and even as an audio-recorder to make notes for later blog articles.

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