Each week we pick out some of the best travel news stories from the past seven days. Today, our round-up features everything from an adventurous sailing couple to a pair of cheeky plane passengers.

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In Louvre with France

It’s official! France is the most popular country in the world with more visitors than anywhere else on earth. A record-breaking 84.7 million tourists headed to the country last year, beating the USA in second place by around 15 million people. Although Spain, China and Italy make up the top five, it’s not all bad news for the UK, as we still managed to attract 31.2 million visitors in 2013 – a new record for the country!

Eiffel Tower by Alfie Ianni via Flickr

Generous Geordies

How much money do you spend on a holiday? Well it seems that sum depends on which area of the country you’re from. New research has revealed that it’s people living in the North East that splash out most on their summer getaway, spending an average of £1,150 per person. Other high spenders include the Welsh and those living in the South East of the country. At the other end of the scale, the most frugal travellers are those from Yorkshire, spending an average of just £310 each on their holiday.

Newcastle by Glen Bowman via Flickr

Grin & Wear It

When you get to the airport, there are few things more annoying than going over your baggage allowance. But one pair of cheeky passengers managed to avoid paying excess luggage fees by wearing the contents of their suitcases! The quick-thinking duo were about to fly from Singapore to Sydney when they were told their bags were over the weight limit, but after each putting on several layers, including jeans tied around their necks and shoes down their trousers, the pair managed to save themselves $130. Good work lads!

Wearing Suitcase Contents

Seas the Day

A married couple have just arrived back from a week-long sailing trip that unexpectedly lasted over 16 years! The pair planned to visit Ireland and Spain on the trip back in 1998, only to embark on an adventure around the world, visiting a total of 51 countries. Living on just £130 a week, the couple often traded their belongings for supplies (including a bra for a sack of fruit and vegetables), and ended up visiting places such as the Caribbean, Canada and Egypt before returning home to Wales after over one and a half decades.

Sailing Boat by Dana via Flickr

Tax Spree

With a few free hours to pass before a flight, it’s no surprise that many of us opt to spend that time in Duty Free. But a new study has revealed that 42 per cent of people are making rash decisions and impulse purchases whilst shopping, with one in four travellers admitting to buying an item within five minutes of seeing it. The most common airport buy is perfume, while cameras, clothing and alcohol are also popular. Whatever the reasoning behind it, it sure beats waiting at the gate.

Duty Free by Eric the Fish via Flickr

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Holiday Deals

Images: Mario Glambattista, Alfie Ianni, Glen Bowman, Dana & Eric the Fish via Flickr & Stou via Reddit.