Another week, another round up and this Friday, we’ve got plenty of travel news to report.

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The Great British Break Off

While we all like to get away, it turns out us Brits are perhaps a bit more patriotic than you might have thought. A recent survey has revealed that 82 per cent of Brits voted their home country as their favourite childhood holiday. While the South West of England took the top spot, two thirds of people said their favourite break growing up was a stint by the seaside.


New York-Shire

Not only has Yorkshire won the bid to host the start of next year’s Tour de France, the English county has been named the top European destination to visit for the second year in a row. Europe’s leading destination was up against the likes of  Venice, Barcelona and Istanbul with the runners up including London, Paris and Berlin. Must be the pies!

yorkshire via flickr by alisonchristine

The Market Price

If you’re more of a browser than a buyer on holiday, you might want to avoid Valencia’s Central Market in future. Word on the street is that market stall holders in Spain are set to charge tourists for window shopping after being tired of tourists taking snaps and taking up space without spending a penny at their stall. Spanish councils are currently considering the concept of charging an entry fee to enter one of Europe’s oldest markets, which opened in 1928. There’s no word on their stance on haggling though!

market via flickr by jadis1958

Anti-Social Media?

We’ve told you before that when it comes to going away, #braggies are the new #selfies – and it’s very much still the case. In a recent study, Brits admit to updating their status an average of 10 times during a 7-day holiday. But it’s not just Facebook that people are posting to while abroad – the stats show that the average person also sends around 23 texts, four tweets and two Instagram posts. The main reasoning behind the updates? To keep others in the loop and of course, to show off! We’re just glad we’re not friends with them on Facebook!

phone via flickr by rayand

Adults Only!

A third of parents admit their secret to a perfect holiday is to leave the kids at home – with more than half of mums and dads opting for a romantic retreat over a family holiday. While 34 per cent of those asked said their decision to leave the little ones at home was due to needing a rest from family life, most said they chose to jet away to spend some quality alone time with their other half. Aw!

heart via flickr by Damian Gadal

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