It’s that time of the week again where we round up some of the best travel stories from the past week along with our top holiday deals.

From the world’s longest flight to a costly mobile phone error, read on for everything you need to know.

A G’Day to Remember

Finding the right place to propose can be tough, but it seems Sydney Harbour Bridge could be a good option with the crossing already witnessing over 4,000 proposals and even 25 weddings to date. Climbing tours of the landmark have been available since 1998 and happy couples are constantly using the bridge to declare their love for one another. Bridge climb workers are often in on the surprise and a secure device has even been created for climbers to carry their engagement rings in!

Sydney Harbour Bridge by Sinead Friel via Flickr

The Ride of Your Life

How do you fancy being on a plane for almost 16 hours without any stops? Well an airline run by Qantas has begun flying passengers from Sydney to Dallas making it the world’s longest ever non-stop flight. The route, covering 13,800 kilometres, is also being flown by the biggest plane in the world with the service operating six days a week. We recommend packing a good book (or two) to pass the time!

Aeroplane by Allen Watkin via Flickr

19 Countries in 24 Hours? Nor-way!

Three friends from Norway reportedly broke the record last week for the number of countries visited in just 24 hours. After beginning their journey in Greece and ending in Liechtenstein, the trio managed to visit 19 countries in their epic day, beating the previous world record by two. Using two commercial flights and rental cars, the speedy travellers would definitely be handy if you needed to get somewhere quickly!

Globe by Mark Doliner via Flickr

My Family Faux Pas

Do you turn off your data roaming on your mobile phone when on holiday? Well perhaps you should. That’s because one unlucky traveller found herself faced with a £12,500 phone bill after unintentionally downloading two episodes of My Family while on holiday in Turkey. The woman had been using the hotel’s free WiFi to download the TV programmes, but it cut out and began to use her phone’s data allowance, racking up costs of over £5,000 per episode – now that’s one expensive series binge!

Laptop on beach by End User via Flickr

To Unpack or Not to Unpack

It seems as though the last thing us Brits want to do after returning from a holiday is unpack our suitcases. A new survey has revealed that one in 10 people actually leave their clothes in their cases for up to a month before unpacking it. It’s not just back at home though that our clothes stay firmly tucked away as 61 per cent of people actually live out of their cases when on holiday with only 17 per cent of those asked saying they unpack everything on the day they arrive.

Suitcase by AnnieAnniePancake via Flickr

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Images: Anne Worner, Sinead Friel, Allen Watkin, Mark Doliner, End User & AnnieAnniePancake via Flickr.

*all deals accurate at time of writing (03/10/2014).