Happy Halloween everyone!

There’s been plenty going on in the world of travel in October so we’ve rounded up some of the very best stories. And because today is the spookiest day of the year, we reveal where you can find the scariest house in the world.

Luxury Lounging

Manoeuvring your sun lounger into the optimum position can sometimes be a challenge, which is why one company has invented the ultimate lounger for the perfect sunbathing experience. The Remmus lounger (not pictured below!) features a 360˚ auto-rotating function meaning its user will be facing the sun at all times. The lounger also includes an adjustable backrest, locker, cooler box, phone charger port and even a water spray to keep you cool. The bad news? It’ll cost you a hefty £28,000.

Fin-tastic Travellers

Many of us find it hard to set aside time and money for a holiday, however according to a recent poll; people in Finland are making an average of 7.5 trips every year, just ahead of the United States, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. High incomes and low employment rates in Scandinavia are believed to be the reasons why more people like to get away, as well as the better weather conditions in warmer destinations. The survey also revealed that the average Brit makes three trips a year, with only one of them being outside of the country.


Flying Nannies

Are you sick of crying babies ruining your flight? Or are you a parent who wants a bit of relaxation time? Well you might want to consider flying with Etihad on your next holiday. The airline is to provide a Flying Nannies service to keep youngsters busy on all long haul flights. The service is free of charge, beginning at the boarding gate and ending when families have arrived at their destination. It will include fun activities such as magic tricks and face painting and will take on the tasks of refilling bottles and serving meals. What more could you ask for?


Putting the ‘End’ in Friend

Meeting new people is one reason many people look forward to going on holiday. However, new research has revealed that just six per cent of holiday friendships last longer than one month. Six out of 10 people contact new ‘friends’ just once after returning home, while the survey also found that almost a quarter of those asked even give out fake phone numbers to people they meet! As for the friendliest holidaymakers, that title goes to travellers from London.


A Fright to Remember

Think Halloween is frightening? Then spare a thought for the people spending the night at what is said to be the scariest house in the world. McKamey Manor in San Diego, California provides the ultimate terrifying experience with lots of blood, spiders, torture and much more. Despite all this, 24,000 people are on the waiting list to stay at the house, although nobody has managed to spend the whole night there yet!


Would you spend a night at the scariest house in the world?

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Images: Simon & his Camera, Adrian Scottow, Gwydion M. Williams, Thomas Widmann, Cubmundo & Black.Doll via Flickr.

*all deals accurate at time of writing (31st October, 2014)