It’s been a funny old year in the world of travel. As the year comes to an end, we thought we’d pick out some of our most memorable stories from the past 12 months.

So sit back, grab a mince pie and enjoy some of the best stories 2014 had to offer – from an air steward comedian to the most generous of pilots.

Merry Christmas!

Aeroplane Loo-ser

Aeroplane toilets are not exactly the nicest places to be at the best of times, so spare a thought for one US man who got stuck in the loo for over an hour. The unfortunate man got his finger trapped in the lavatory bin during his 15-hour flight to Hong Kong and was forced to remain there alone until the plane had landed – we think he must have been feeling a bit flush!

Toilet by Brownpau via Flickr

Scot your Average Travel Agency

After the success of the Virgin Airways video, one travel agent in Scotland decided to create their very own spoof version of the video. The tongue-in-cheek video – that features members of staff strutting down the local High Street – soon went viral, and helped bookings increase by over 110 per cent.

A Slice of Luck

A delayed flight can be a pain but one pilot decided to make the delay that little bit more bearable by treating his passengers to pizza. Storms had forced the flight to Denver to divert to another airport where the plane had to sit and wait for several hours. The generous pilot saved the day though by ensuring his passengers didn’t go hungry by ordering 35 pizzas to be delivered directly to the plane.


Laughter Fills the Air

Aeroplane safety demonstrations can often be a tad boring, which is why one air steward on a Southwest Airlines flight decided to spice things up a bit with a more unorthodox routine. Cracking various jokes throughout his act, the air steward certainly made the safety demo more memorable.

Turtle Recall

Leaving a pet behind when we go on holiday can be an emotional time, but one boy in China decided to take his pet turtle with him… by smuggling it down his pants! Unfortunately for the boy (but perhaps not the turtle), security officials noticed the suspicious looking package and were forced to remove it so it could instead travel in the cargo hold of the plane.

Turtle by antaresjhw via Flickr

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Images: Carissa Rogers, Brownpau, Marc Wathieu & antaresjhw via Flickr.