They say a picture paints a thousand words.

And this is certainly true when looking at holiday snaps from around the world. So if you fancy setting your eyes on amazing sights from across the globe (without stepping foot on a plane) getting an Instagram account is one of the best ways to do so.

Whether you’d like to get a bit of travel inspiration or whet your appetite before an upcoming trip, we’ve picked out some of our favourite travel accounts on Instagram that you MUST be following in 2015.

Travel Awesome

If this account doesn’t make you want to book a holiday then nothing will. Travel Awesome features a mixture of their own images, alongside some of the best travel-related images on Instagram.


Pause the Moment

Pause the Moment has captured the sun going down in various destinations across the world, as well as many other amazing moments. We also salute Ryan’s use of the selfie stick!


Sean Ensch Images

If you love stunning scenery and breathtaking nature, look no further than this account. Expect to see lots of water and mountains.


Murad Osmann

Using the hashtag #followmeto, Murad loves documenting his travels on Instagram alongside his partner who leads him into different places around the world, creating some amazing photos.


Travel Break

Travel Break picks out some of the most awe-inspiring pictures on Instagram and puts them all in one place. We love scrolling through the amazing sunset images.


Goldie Berlin

This account features a diary of one woman from Germany as she travels around the world. Prepare to feel very jealous after checking out her page though!


Where’s Andrew

Travelling across the globe with just an iPhone (to take pictures with anyway), Andrew Evans has an account brimming with unique things he’s seen – including a few dogs.


The Planet D

This nomadic couple have visited seven continents and over 90 countries – taking plenty of incredible photos along the way!


Young Adventuress

There’s plenty of selfie stick action on the Young Adventuress account, created by blogger Liz. She’s also got an eye for a great photo providing loads of beautiful scenery to marvel at.


Trey Ratcliff

From Monks going about their daily business to a stunning cathedral in Kiev, Trey has seen it all whilst travelling the globe – taking spectacular photos along the way.


Do you follow any amazing Instagram accounts we’ve missed off our list? Let us know!

Image credit: YorkshirePhotoWalks via Flickr.