We love a spot of romance here at HDC, and with Valentine’s Day exactly one month away today, we thought we’d pick out some of our favourite places for a fairytale getaway.

So forget about a box of chocolates and a cheap bouquet of flowers this year and treat your partner to a romantic city break – you’ve got  a choice though, do you play it safe or take a bit of a risk? We’ll leave it up to you!



If you can’t eat chocolate on Valentine’s Day than when can you? And there are few places better to stuff your face with everyone’s favourite treat than the city of Bruges – meaning it’s a winner with us!

Fact: Bruges is home to the only museum in the world dedicated to chips!

Bruges by faungg via Flickr


From sailing along the Seine to taking a selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower, what could be more romantic than spending Valentine’s Day in ‘The City of Love’?

Fact: The famous French writer, Guy de Maupassant disliked the Eiffel Tower so much that he ate his lunch at the base of it almost every day – as it was one of the few places in Paris where he didn’t have to look at it!

Eiffel Tower by hjjanisch via Flickr


If it’s good enough for George Clooney to get hitched here, then it’s good enough for us. Don’t forget to take a ride on a gondola.

Fact: Scientists have claimed that Venice is gradually sinking by 2-4mm every year (so it might be best to visit sooner rather than later!)

Venice canals by gnuckx via Flickr



With one of the best Market Squares in the world, lots of historical buildings and relatively cheap vodka, you’re guaranteed a cracking time in Krakow.

Fact: According to Polish folklore, the city is protected by a dragon. The cave in which dragon supposedly lived is now a major tourist attraction.

Krakow Market Square by traveljunction via Flickr


As the only city in the world that sits across two continents, a trip to Istanbul is like having two holidays for the price of one (kind of).

Fact: Istanbul has a connection with British literature as Agatha Christie wrote her famous novel ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ at a hotel in the city.

Istanbul Grand Bazaar by Frank Kovalchek via Flickr


A city break in Lisbon offers the best of both worlds, with the hustle and bustle of the city centre combined with the sanctuary of the beach – temperatures in February reach highs of 15˚C so you’ll definitely get the chance to don your swimming costume should you fancy.

Fact: The football stadium in the city – home to Benfica – shares the same name as the one in Sunderland, the Stadium of Light.

Lisbon by Roberto Moreno via Flickr

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Images: Lele Breveglieri, faungg, hjjanisch, gnuckx, traveljunction, Frank Kovalchek & Roberto Moreno via Flickr.