Here at Holiday Discount Centre, we love a good quiz – especially when it’s about holidays! So we thought we’d put our blog readers to the test with our travel destinations quiz.

Can you guess the destination from these images?

The answers can be found at the bottom of the page – no cheating though!

1. This is the view from a famous landmark in which European city?


A: Eiffel Tower, Paris
B: The Shard, London
C: La Sagrada Família, Barcelona
D: Church of our Lady, Bruges

2. Which city was this picture taken in?


A: Venice
B: Rome
C: Prague
D: Amsterdam

3. Which country would you find this impressive structure?

Great Sphinx of Giza

A: Mexico
B: Egypt
C: Morocco
D: Turkey

4. Which city would you find this famous statue?


A: Abu Dhabi
B: Luxor
C: Athens
D: New York

5. This beach can be found in which of these Canary Islands?


A: Tenerife
B: Gran Canaria
C: Lanzarote
D: Fuerteventura

6. This famous palace can be found on which Greek island?


A: Rhodes
B: Crete
C: Santorini
D: Corfu

7. Which city would you find this beautiful harbour?


A: Dubrovnik
B: Nice
C: Barcelona
D: Singapore

8. Which city would you find this famous structure?


A: Madrid
B: Athens
C: Berlin
D: Rome

9. Where would you find these skyscrapers?


A: New York
B: Singapore
C: Dubai
D: Mexico

10. Where would you find these whitewashed buildings?


A: Malta
B: Portugal
C: Croatia
D: Santorini

Find out the answers below and head over to our Facebook page to let us know how many you got right!

Images: dmac55, jdbaskin, anneh632, jorge-11, mendrakis, tegioz, bevrichardmartin, jenniferboyer, aanikap, Philippe RENNEVILLE & edwarddalmulder via Flickr.


1. A: Eiffel Tower, Paris
2. D: Amsterdam
3. B: Egypt
4. D: New York
5. C: Lanzarote
6. B: Crete
7. A: Dubrovnik
8. D: Rome
9. C: Dubai
10. D: Santorini

How well do you know your holiday destinations?

0-2: Book a holiday NOW! There’s so much of the world you haven’t seen yet.

3-5: Could do better. Try and visit somewhere different this year.

6-8: Pretty good. You’re almost in the top set for Geography.

9-10: Move over Judith Chalmers. There’s a new travel expert in town!