Holidays can often be expensive, but new research has found that many British holidaymakers are throwing away money before they’ve even stepped foot on the plane! The study by foreign exchange company FAIRFX has found that travellers could unnecessarily spend up to £773, meaning they have less cash to spend once they’ve arrived at their chosen destination.

The research shows that a number of travellers are making mistakes that are costing them money, considerably increasing the overall price of their holiday. Common errors include not exchanging currency until they’re at the airport and having to pay excess baggage charges. Other holidaymakers have chosen to omit medical conditions on their travel insurance which makes it invalid, and can ultimately end up costing a person considerably more. The study also reveals that booking a holiday that coincides with a big event such as a festival can also end up hitting your wallet hard.

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Here at Holiday Discount Centre, we want to help you save as much money as possible on your next holiday which is why we offer the best rates on holidays around the world.

Steve Campion, Managing Director at HDC said: “We aim to give customers the lowest prices on holidays; however holidaymakers can also save money on a number of other factors.

“Exchanging foreign currency prior to your holiday can give you some extra spending money and also saves the hassle of doing it at the airport. We also recommend weighing your luggage at home so it doesn’t go over the airline’s restrictions”.

Here are our 5 top tips to avoid unnecessary costs on your next holiday:

  1. Shop around for your foreign currency prior to your holiday. Find the best rates at Travelex
  2. Buy products such as sun cream and other travel accessories before your holiday, rather than at the airport – don’t forget the 100ml limit if  you’re carrying this in hand luggage!
  3. Bring your own small plastic bag for liquids kept in your hand luggage. Some airports still charge per bag
  4. Pack your own food to take on the flight to avoid inflated plane prices
  5. If you’re staying at an airport hotel the night before your flight, long stay parking can often be included in the price at a lower cost

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