“Are we there yet?”

The four words every parent fears hearing most when going on holiday. Keeping the children (and sometimes adults) entertained can be tricky, particularly on long haul flights, but if they’re kept occupied, it can make a journey a lot more enjoyable.

We love a good game here at Holiday Discount Centre, and we’ve gone all nostalgic with our pick of some of the travel games we used to play when we were younger, as well as some more up-to-date games.


Top Trumps

Perfect for long (and we mean loooong) journeys, a game of Top Trumps can last an eternity. There are so many different versions of the game that are great for passing the time, even if you don’t really care whether Harry Potter or Hermione Granger has the greater amount of courage.

Guess Who?

The travel sized version of this famous two-player game is ideal to stick in your hand luggage. Remember Maria with her green beret or Max and his massive moustache? Few things are more fun!

Guess Who by Bennett via Flickr

I Spy

A timeless classic, I Spy is great for long car journeys and never gets old – well perhaps after an hour of trying to guess what that thing is beginning with the letter T!

Connect Four

What could be more satisfying than getting four yellow or red counters in a row? Not much. Connect Four is a game of skill and strategy and the mini version is great for slipping inside your hand luggage.

Trivial Pursuit

Many people love a good quiz and Trivial Pursuit is surely the King of all quizzes. The questions might be almost impossible to answer at times, but that just means the game takes even longer to play – so you’ll be there before you know it!



Love Sodoku? Then why not step it up a notch with the three-dimensional version of the game? Similar to the Rubik’s Cube, the idea of the Sodokube is to end up with the numbers 1-9 on each side of the cube.


The most fun you can have with a ball, Addictaball is one of the most addictive games you’ll ever play. This concept is simple. All you have to do is guide a small metal ball through a complicated 3D maze, but doing so is never as easy as you might think.

Playing Game by PlaSmart Inc via Flickr

Pocket Sports

Available for football, rugby, cricket and golf, Pocket Sports is a dice-rolling game that can be played on your own or with the whole family. The dice decide the events that happen throughout the match and is a fun game for sports fans.

Zookeeper DX

If you’ve got an iPad or iPhone, then the Zookeeper DX app will keep you busy for hours. The game is simple; all you have to do is continuously arrange three of the same species of animal in a row.

Pass the Pigs

Throwing a couple of rubber pigs in the air and seeing how they land doesn’t sound like the most interesting game – but it’s actually really addictive. Pass the Pigs is quick and easy to play with the winner being the first person to score 100 points.

What are your favourite travel games to play when going on holiday? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Images: Jim Larrison, Bennett and PlaSmart Inc via Flickr.