Last month Marmite, the second-most confiscated food item at London City Airport, was launched in a 70ml travel jar. The news that people are falling foul of strictly enforced hand luggage restrictions mightn’t come as much of a surprise. The ban on containers of liquids and semi-liquids over 100ml – regardless of the amount left in the bottle or jar – has caught out many holidaymakers looking to take their favourite sauce or condiment with them on their summer holidays.

Marmite’s launch of a travel size version suggests food companies are catching on to the problem that consumers face. Here, then, are some other travel-friendly condiments, which can all be carried safely in your hand luggage – perfect for home comforts or simply spicing up the inflight meal.

Travel Marmite, 70g

The 70g jars of Marmite let Brits enjoy this love-it-or-hate-it condiment wherever they are in the world. The jars are priced at £1, which will either seem like a bargain or gross extortion depending on your point of view.


Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Brown Sauce, 28g

For some, it might not be the real thing, but miniatures from Wilkin & Sons include a 28g brown sauce, which can be bought individually or in bulk. A jar or two is a sensible precaution for anyone planning on tucking into a holiday bacon sarnie.


Sriracha2Go, 50ml

Sriracha, the Thai hot sauce made from garlic, chillies and vinegar, has acquired cult status among chilli addicts. The Sriracha2Go 50ml keyring bottles are perfect for anyone wanting to carry a small amount of the hot stuff with them on their travels.  Surely it wouldn’t be good with paella, would it?


Tabasco Travel Pack, 6 x 3.7ml

For anyone who lives in fear of a boring Bloody Mary, this travel pack of Tabasco sauce is a must. The Borrower-sized bottles are small enough to guarantee you don’t add too many drops – just enough for a revitalizing kick after a long day’s sightseeing.


Fortnum’s Relish, 71g

One for the traditionalists, Fortnum’s Relish is billed as ‘anchovial ambrosia’, or, fish food for the gods. The 71g ceramic jars of Fortum’s indulgent relish are packed full of anchovy, dill and garlic, and bring a tasty piquancy to steaks or when simply spread on a morning slice of toast.

What’s your must-have travel condiment? Or have you had to hand over a precious jar to airport security? Let us know via our Facebook page or by commenting below!  

Images via Flickr: Mats HagwallDavid Martyn Hunt , Windell Oskay, Steven Depolo, Akbar Kamdar