Are you dreaming of a short break with your other half this Valentine’s Day? In anticipation, we’ve turned to the silver screen and some classic romantic film locations for inspiration. While everyone will have their own favourites, we think this selection contains some great places that are perfect for a weekend away – or even a week – with that special someone.

Rome: Roman Holiday (1953)

Starring Gregory Peck as a dashing reporter and Audrey Hepburn as a gamine princess, William Wyler’s Roman Holiday (1953) is a charming fairy tale set in the Italian capital. Peck acts as guide to Hepburn, eagerly anticipating the potential scoop. As they explore the Eternal City together, the cynical stringer starts to fall for the princess. This inspiration behind Richard Curtis’s Notting Hill, you could pay homage to this classic with a Roman holiday of your own.


New York: Manhattan (1979)

Woody Allen’s Manhattan is famous for one of the most iconic shots in film. A complicated ‘teen’ romance about a divorced writer who falls for his friend’s mistress, Allen famously showed his protagonists sitting on a bench against the backcloth of the Queensboro Bridge. Still, if you’re planning a pilgrimage, we should say that the bench isn’t really there.


Paris: Amélie (2001)

Audrey Tautou’s performance in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Amélie captured the hearts of audiences around the world. Playful and enchanting, the film tells the story of Amélie Poulain who is able to transform the lives of her fellow Parisians. Filmed at locations across the city, fans can visit Au Marché de la Butte on Rue des Trois Frères, the site of M. Collignon’s shop.


The Peak District: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

The 2005 film adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, the original regency rom-com, won plaudits for Keira Knightley’s performance as Elizabeth Bennet, as well as the supporting roles played by Donald Sutherland and Tom Hollander.  When Elizabeth visits Darcy’s country pile, Pemberley, the viewer is treated to some sumptuous shots of the Peak District. But many, of course, will still have a clear mental image of Colin Firth in that scene from the 1995 BBC adaptation. Visit Chatsworth House to explore Pemberley itself and relive those classic scenes!


Edinburgh: One Day (2011)

One Day, David Nicholls’s bestselling novel, follows the lives of Emma and Dexter, who spend the night together on 15 July, 1988, the day of their graduation from Edinburgh University. The book tells the story of their twin lives over the next twenty years with humour and poignancy. Starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, the 2011 film adaption may have lacked some of the book’s polish; but that’s no reason to deny yourself a romantic trip to Edinburgh, where Emma and Dex’s story began.


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Images via Flickr: Christian OstroskyRoman Boed, Cyril Valée, Judy Parker, Lawrence OP, Maëlick, Sean MacEntee