Theme parks offer something for the whole family. Whether you’re a thrill seeker looking for extreme roller coasters or just looking for a relaxing day out to enjoy the atmosphere, these theme parks have you covered.

Here are 5 theme parks around the world that you definitely don’t want to miss out on!

Disneyland Resort Paris


Probably the most well-known theme park in the world, Disneyland Paris is a must visit for all ages. While the rides are not the most extreme, Disneyland makes up for it with its brilliant theming and atmosphere. Each ride is spectacularly themed making each ride a completely different experience. No matter what your age, it’s difficult not to feel happy in what is described as “The Most Magical Place on Earth”. What’s even better is that it’s located right next to Walt Disney Studios, which is a spectacular park in its own right.

Islands of Adventure


Like Walt Disney Studios, Islands of Adventure was built as an expansion to an existing park, Universal studios. However, Islands of Adventure is able to surpass the original park and become a must visit theme park in the world. Like Disney parks, Islands of Adventure makes use of brilliant theming from Marvel, Harry Potter and Doctor Seuss. But what makes this park excel is its incredibly innovative rides, from the duelling roller coaster “dragon challenge” and the amazing Spider man ride using 3D effects, Islands of adventure exceeds expectation in all areas.

Six Flags Magic Mountain


The flagship park of the “Six Flags” parks found in America, Magic Mountain holds the Title of “Thrill Capital of the World” with the most roller coasters in any theme park in the world, a staggering 19 roller coasters! While the theming is lacking compared to some other parks on the list, Magic Mountain is a thrill seekers paradise, with some of the most extreme coasters on the planet. This park is definitely not for the faint of heart and not for younger kids.

Alton Towers


As far as the UK goes, Alton towers is the premier theme park to visit! Despite being unable to build above the tree line due to local complaints, the park makes use of innovative design to make rides that compete with the colossal giant coasters of the USA. Many of its roller coasters have achieved “world firsts” such as Oblivion, the first vertical drop roller coaster and the smiler, the first roller coaster with 14 loops. Along with fantastic rides for all ages the park is also well themed and is often updated with new rides, making revisiting a lot of fun. This year air (shown above) will be redesigned as Galactica and include virtual reality helmets, offering an experience like no other.

Walt Disney World Resort


Last but certainly not least is Walt Disney World, which is not one theme park but a resort giving you access to six parks, four theme parks and two water parks. Most theme parks will offer you one or two days of fun, but in Disney world you could spend weeks there and still be seeing new things. It’s the most visited vacation resort in the world, and is unlike anything other companies have managed to replicate yet.

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