If you’re looking for an ideal destination for a family holiday then look no further than Malta. Its 133km is packed with attractions to suit the young, old and everyone in-between – with a fair amount of history thrown in for good measure. Taking its name from the Greek word Melite which literally translates to honey, visitors to the island are sure to have a sweet time! If you haven’t yet visited, but are tempted by our cheap holidays to Malta, read on to discover some of the highlights:



Also known as the Silent City, and at one point Malta’s capital, the ancient streets of Mdina simply can’t be missed. Their history dates back over 4000 years and according to tradition the city was once home to St. Paul the Apostle, whose boat was shipwrecked here in 60 AD. There are a number of notable buildings to visit, but a highlight is St. Paul’s Catacombs, which will fascinate adults and have children acting like intrepid explorers. Try to make it out by sunset, to enjoy the views with a large slab of chocolate cake on the roof terrace of Fontanella Tea Gardens.


Popeye Village

A leftover film set from the 1980 Popeye musical, Popeye Village has evolved into a visitor attraction the kids will love. Here not only can you meet an animation crew and see yourself on the big screen, but boat rides, water trampolines and Malta’s largest jump around provide the perfect way for the little ones to let their hair down.  At Santa’s Toy Town it’s Christmas all year around, and even in the height of summer the elves will be out hastily wrapping gifts. If that sounds like a nightmare, don’t despair – there is also free wine tasting year round at the onsite winery!


Ta’ Qali Crafts Village

Let’s be honest, shopping for that perfect holiday memento can be a lot of fun. However bring the little ones along and it isn’t usually long before they get bored and start demanding ice-cream and slush puppies!  That won’t be the case at Ta’ Qali where they can watch local craftsmen at work and see demonstrations in everything from making filigree jewellery to chipping away at stone to produce sculptures. However, it’s the famous glassblowers that will particularly enthral as they shape liquid glass straight from the furnace into intricate pieces. This is also the best place on the island to pick up a bargain – look out for the giant glass clowns!

Eye of Osiris Magnets

Eye of Osiris Magnets

Splash and Fun

There’s nothing like a good water park to keep the whole family entertained and Splash and Fun in Bahar ic-Caqhaq is Malta’s most popular. There’s a large pool for cooling off, but the secondary pool complete with chutes and slides is where the fun’s at! Smaller children will love splashing around in the dinosaur park, while those who would prefer to stay dry can grab a lounger and spend a lazy afternoon sunbathing on the wooden deck.


Gozo & Comino’s Blue Lagoon

Whenever people ask what to do in Malta we always recommend visiting its neighbouring island of Gozo and the blue lagoon of Comino. There are many different ways of doing this, from taking a Turkish gulet boat cruise, to living it up on a catamaran. However, the Malta Sightseeing company runs a popular and cost-effective trip across. You’ll have the opportunity to stop and snap photos at some of Gozo’s most popular attractions including the stunning azure window and the Citadel with its intricate dome. In the afternoon, you’ll dock at Comino for a dip in the famous Blue Lagoon. Here, braver souls might also wish to take a daring speedboat twister ride across to see the crystal caves.

Have you ever visited Malta? We’d love to see what your family got up to on their holidays. Share your pictures with us on Instagram or give us your tips in the comments below.

Images by Tobias Scheck,  Andy SSylphxr_MSAllen Watkin