From a distance, the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain can appear very similar, but look closely and each one offers a different experience. While you will find fantastic beaches, food and accommodation on all the Islands, each suits a different kind of holiday. We are going to be comparing the most popular Balearic islands and what makes them each unique…


The most popular of the Balearic islands, Majorca, is great for those seeking a well rounded, relaxing holiday. The island is one of the most popular in Spain, with tourists from all of Europe coming to visit. As such the island can accommodate all types of holidays. For relaxing holidays, the 20 marinas offer beautiful scenery while leaving the landscape unspoiled. The centre of the island is great for hiking, as well as many cycling routes being on offer. For those looking for a city break, Palma is a must visit. The Old town is a highlight of the capital, with virtually no traffic, allowing you to travel back to the Byzantine era when many of the buildings were erected. Another major attraction are the Caves of Drach, which reach over 4km in length and have been naturally formed by the sea.

Verdict: Perfect for those wanting a bit of everything!


Ibiza has become world famous for it’s nightlife scene, with world renowned DJs often performing in the biggest clubs. Along with this is a huge host of festivals throughout the year, ranging from music festivals to classic Balearian traditional celebrations. No matter what time you visit, there will be something going on in Ibiza. While often overshadowed by the nightlife, Ibiza also features many great beaches due to its long coastlines. The temperature is also a reason to visit, with temperatures being comfortable all throughout the year.

Verdict: The place to visit if you want to party!


One of the smaller Balearic Islands is Menorca, however its very appeal is peacefulness due to most tourists being attracted to the larger Majorca and lively Ibiza. Many of the beaches are undeveloped, and there is no shortage despite its size, boasting more than Ibiza and Majorca combined. Menorca is great for walking, with the surface mostly being flat and easy going. The capital Maó features brilliant architecture, as well as being seated over a natural marina that is one of the most beautiful in the Balearic Islands.

Verdict: Ideal for a relaxing holiday spent by the beach!

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