It’s almost October which means Halloween is just around the corner. The American tradition of dressing up in costumes is becoming increasingly popular in the west. As a result more and more spine tingling events have begun popping up across Europe. Here are 5 of the best Halloween events happening this year in Europe.


The Czech city of Prague is the perfect setting for Halloween, with its Gothic architecture and ominous fog that often appears. Particularly creepy spots include the torture museum and the St John Bridge with its ever watchful statues. Prague also hosts a huge Halloween party named Bloody Sexy Halloween which could rival some of those found in the USA.


The Dutch love Halloween so much they celebrate it for almost a week! In Amsterdam the Halloween Festival lasts from the 25th to the 31st of October. The event list is stacked full of things to do from horror movie marathons to Halloween costume workshops.  If one night of festivities isn’t enough for you, Amsterdam is the place to be this October.


While the Catalan city might not be the first place you think of when it comes to creepy cities, Barcelona is full of dark history and tales. To discover Barcelona’s paranormal mysteries, experience the Ghosts of Barcelona tour which explores the Spanish history of Witchcraft, Exorcisms and ghost sightings. If you have younger children, a family friendly show at PortAventura may be a great way to spend Halloween with the family. As an added bonus, the weather in Spain remains warm in October, meaning you can hit the beach when the festivities are over.


Halloween is unique in Scotland, being linked with the Scottish tradition known as Samhain, a Celtic tradition signifying the transition into Winter. As a result you can see celebrations you won’t see anywhere else in the world, such as the Samhain fire festival. On top of this there are a plenitude of activities ranging from tame experiences for families all the way to terrifying visits to the Edinburgh vaults.


Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Budapest, but is becoming more popular in recent years. A great activity for the whole family is the Pumpkin lantern festival, featuring lots of intricately decorated Jack-o-lanterns. On top of this there are multiple parties held across the city in clubs and bars if you want a taste of nightlife.

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