Lockdown has been a challenge, leaving many desperate for a sunny escape as soon as possible. With travel restrictions easing, holidays look set to return as early as July, so here are 5 ways to travel safely…

Wear a face mask on board

Not only is wearing a face mask generally advised by most health experts across the globe, it’s actually a legal requirement in certain countries and on many airlines. Masks can protect your own health and others around you, and in a confined space like a plane, it’s essential to take as much precaution as possible.

Counteract low humidity

Low humidity conditions found on planes dry your eyes, mouth and nose, leaving you more susceptible to viruses. To prevent this, you can do things like wear a nasal spray to moisturize and clean the nose, along with making sure to drink plenty of water to keep as hydrated as possible.

Clean your hands regularly

Experts agree that handwashing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the best defence, but if you’re on the go it’s crucial to be cleaning them with hand sanitizer. Make sure you get one with at least 60% alcohol and clean your hands after touching any surfaces.

Bring wipes

Though airlines have announced extra cleaning procedures, it’s still a good idea to bring your own antibacterial wipes. Take no risks and clean your nearby surfaces on the plane such as your seat, the armrest, tray table, seat-back pocket, air vent, seat touch screen and headrest.

If you’re not well, don’t travel

Although this may seem obvious, if you’re showing any symptoms prior to flying you should not be travelling. Not only are you putting others at risk, you’ll be in a vulnerable position too. Travel insurance covering pandemics is difficult to find, and you don’t want to be stuck in a foreign hospital without insurance.

Make sure to keep an eye on all of the latest Government travel advice.