Forget swanky accommodation, lovely landmarks and pristine beaches, sometimes all we really want to know is how much a beer is going to cost us. There is nothing quite like a nice cold pint when you are on holiday and how much you pay for that pint can largely determine how much you enjoy it.

Below we have compiled a list of our top 10 cities based on the average price of a pint of domestic beer, from cheapest to more expensive. You might notice that all of the cities with the cheapest average price of a pint are based in Europe, with eastern Europe being the cheapest and central and southern being a little less cheap. Bear in mind that these are generic domestic pint prices that don’t account for variation within cities and often countries. For example, bottles of domestic beer can be less than €1 in Barcelona whereas a pint in a fancy restaurant can be 7-8€. This list will just give you the best destinations on average to target if you prefer to pay as little as possible for a crisp, refreshing pint.

City Average Pint Price* View Offers
Budapest £1.45 Budapest City Deals
Prague £1.53 Prague City Deals
Krakow £1.97 Krakow City Deals
Barcelona £2.49 Barcelona City Deals
Madrid £2.49 Madrid City Deals
Athens £3.32 Athens City Deals
Berlin £3.32 Berlin City Deals
Munich £3.32 Munich City Deals
Rome £3.32 Rome City Deals
Venice £3.32 Venice City Deals

*Average pint based on research made in April 2022. Picture credit: Shutterstock