Are you travelling to Disneyland Paris sometime soon? There are a lot of first-time traveller mistakes that people make that can cost you a lot of time, money and energy. This is why we have compiled our top tips for your next trip to Disneyland Paris to help ensure that the magical experience can be as great as it can be. Let’s get into it…

Pre-Book Your Tickets

Definitely one of the most important tips to follow with your trip to Disneyland Paris is to pre-book your park tickets. Many tourists simply turn up on the day and you definitely don’t want to be one of them.

Not only can you find much better rates online beforehand (the on-the-day prices are the most expensive that you will come across), you will also avoid queuing for something that can totally be avoided. You could be queuing for Space Mountain but instead you are just queuing to get into the park whilst everyone else goes past you! That isn’t the best way to start your Disneyland trip.

Fast-Track Pass

The Fast-Track Pass has long been a favourite with travellers to Disneyland and in recent times it has been rebranded as “Disney Premier Access”. This pass allows you access to a dedicated “Fast Lane” which will see you skip the regular queues and get on the rides much quicker.

Unlike in the past when the pass covered all rides, it now works on a per-ride basis so you can decide which rides you want to target and at what times. If you’re on a tight budget you can probably go without and ride the more popular rides just as the park opens. However, the Premier Access is certainly useful if you don’t mind paying a bit more to queue a bit less.

Bring Snacks!

There are lots of wonderful secrets surrounding Disney and its enchanting theme parks. However, the expensive prices of the food and drink inside the parks isn’t one of them. If you are eating at one of the restaurants, diners or grabbing a drink for a vendor, you can expect to pay premium prices.

So what is the solution? Bring some snacks! If you are staying all day, maybe bring a packed lunch or if you are only going for a few hours, some crisps or chocolate bars should do the trick to keep the hunger away. Even bringing your own water in an insulated bottle will save a significant amount from buying a smaller, expensive plastic one inside the park.

Plan Your Day

Whilst you don’t want to choke all of the excitement and spontaneity out of your days at Disney, it is wise to plan the most important parts of your day. For example, are there any shows that you want to watch? What attractions get busy quickly so should be done early on?

There is nothing worse than wanting to watch your favourite show which begins in 10-minutes, only to discover that it is located all of the way on the other side of the park. Or to get to your favourite rollercoaster later in the day and discover there is now a 2-hour queue for it. Plan accordingly!

Make Reservations If Necessary

If you do plan on staying in the parks from opening to close, then a few snacks might not cut it for your food and drink intake for the day. Despite their high prices, the restaurants and diners at Disney are still fantastic experiences in themselves, usually with a specific theme depending on what part of the park the restaurant is located in.

However, they can usually get very busy, particularly around the peak lunch and dinner times. Although you will just be able to queue like normal for a lot of places – particularly the fast food ones – some of the fancier and more exclusive restaurants will almost certainly require reservations. If you do plan on treating the family or a loved one to a meal out in Disney, be sure to book in advance.

If You Are Staying Close-By, Make Use Of It!

When people visit Disneyland Paris, they usually stay at one of the Disney-themed hotels on site or another hotel very close-by. If this is you, make the most of it! Many people put in 12 hour shifts in the parks trying to squeeze every last ounce of magic out of them. Whilst it is somewhat understandable, it only makes the days long, the last few hours waiting for the fireworks a struggle, and some very tired and irritable kids come the evenings.

Many hotels and resorts are situated a short walk or bus journey from the parks. It is wise to pop back for some lunch, maybe a short nap and recharge, and then be raring to go again. Using your hotel that is on your doorstep is the perfect way to break up your day and to make sure that your overall experience feels very pleasurable, rather than a struggle that you try to power through. Don’t forget that all of the excitement can be exhausting!