Here at HDC, we’re always so envious of travel bloggers who have such amazing stories up their sleeves – from riding elephants in Thailand to bobbing along in a gondola in Venice, they seem to have done it all.

Jetlag and Mayhem is a blog which focuses on travelling with kids and provides plenty of top tips on how to ensure that the holiday goes as smoothly as humanly possible! There’s nothing better than a family holiday and all the memories it creates. We have to agree with Nicola from J&M – there’s no reason why parents can’t take their kids on these great adventurous trips!


We decided to play a round of quick-fire questions to pick Nicola’s brain on some of the important elements of a holiday to find out just what she gets up to when she travels.

Sand or snow? Sand

iPod or Kindle? Kindle

Luggage: check-in or carry on? Carry on

All-inclusive or self-catered? Self catered

Sunbathing or snorkelling? Sunbathing

Skiing or snowboarding? Snowboarding


Famous landmarks or hidden treasures? Hidden treasures

Itinerary or go-with-the-flow? Itinerary

Safe restaurants or try anything once? Try anything once

 Ice lolly or ice cream? Ice cream

Learn the language or stick to English? Learn the language

Beach or pool? Pool

Quick flight or long haul? Long haul

Water park or safari park? Water park

Bike or Segway? Bike


Family activities or kids club? Family activities

Summer or winter sun? Summer sun

Postcard or Facebook update? Postcard

Favourite destination? Anywhere in Thailand

One top tip for travelling with kids? Relax & go with the flow

Most important hand luggage item? Phone charger

And finally, which destination is currently sitting at the top of your travel to-do list? Mongolia

Thanks for playing Nicola! Do you agree with her answers? We’re not sure it’s possible to choose between ice cream and ice lollies – surely there’s a time and place for both!

Make sure you check out Jetlag and Mayhem to hear all about Nicola’s travels and learn from her top tips about travelling far and wide as a family.

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Images by amanda tipton, Tambako the Jaguar, Amy Goodman and Nathan Rupert via Flickr