It can be one of the most frustrating things, spending hours budgeting for all of your exciting holiday spends; clothes, fancy restaurants, cocktails, only to get stung by unexpected baggage costs that eat into your budget. The thing is, these baggage costs can easily be avoided if you know a few simple tips and tricks. Today we will map out the best ways that you can save money on baggage…

Make sure you have the right size bag

Before you even begin packing, as soon as you know what airline you are flying with you should double-check what their luggage size allowance rules are. Generally speaking, shorter flights are only going to allow smaller and lighter luggage sizes, whereas long-haul tend to allow slightly larger and heavier ones. This goes for both checked baggage and hand luggage.

You are usually good to go with any sort of backpack, but be more careful when buying your cases. Many shops now create cases with the dimensions of most airlines in mind. Another quick tip is to avoid buying too many heavy hard shell cases which take up valuable weight before you even start packing.

Invest in a cheap set of home scales

Whether it be a simple set of bathroom scales or a smaller set of scales that are used to weigh parcels, usually the weight limit for both far exceeds what you will need for your cases – so use them!

It will save you a lot of time, hassle and provide peace of mind knowing that your cases are all within the weight restrictions and that you won’t have to reshuffle everything in front of the airport desk. These types of scales are relatively cheap and do a good job.

Understand some of the basic packing tips and tricks

Oversized luggage can lead to unnecessary baggage costs. This can easily be avoided if you are aware of how to pack more efficiently to save space. Some of the most basic tips that any traveller should know include packing your pairs of socks into your trainers and rolling your t-shirts into little, compact parcels rather than spreading them out.

If you utilise these tips plus the many more that are out there, you might even realise that you can pack everything into your hand luggage. Ditching the cost of checking in large cases can save literally hundreds on your holiday expenses.

Check the duty-free rules

You know you are about to go on holiday when you are strolling through duty-free, trying on the various perfumes, eyeing up some new sunglasses and having a look at a celebratory bottle of your favourite spirit for when you land.

This is all great but you need to make sure that your airline allows a separate duty-free carry-on bag that is separate to your hand luggage. If not, you might have to end up shoving everything into your hand luggage or paying an extra fee, which isn’t so fun.

Understand how airlines work and what you need

One of the most effective ways to save on baggage costs and holiday costs in general is to familiarise yourself with your airline and how they work.

For example, low-cost airlines like Ryanair often have extremely cheap flights for just the basics. If you want to start taking a few cases though or choose your seats, the fees add-up very quickly.

More expensive airlines like Virgin Atlantic and Emirates do cost more, but within that price you usually have checked baggage included, meals and other perks.

So all-in-all, understand that the flight price that you see advertised might not necessarily be the final price that you pay for what you specifically want.